Sophie Savoie

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Sophie Savoie
Sophie Savoie.jpg
Origin Flag-gallia.png Gallia
Affiliation Bretonian Armed Forces
Born January 20th, 793 A.S., Planet Chateauroux
Died Still Alive


Sophie's life has always been hard. Since her childhood she was teased, bullied and molested. The school-time was the horror for her, no friends, no one she could trust. There have been only two individuals she trusted and loved. Her parents. If it wasn't for her parents, she would have stayed all day at home instead of going to school. But she didn't want to disappoint them. So her only choice was to go to school and endure the never-ending pain. Surprisingly, despite all the bad things that happened in school, she managed to have one of the best results in the final exams. With these results she was able to get any job she could think of. Yet, despite the chance to get a job that would guarantee a good income, she decided to join a corporation that was tasked to deliver certain goods from one point to the other. A simple trading organization. However, she was yet undecided what she should become, a crew member on board a trading vessel or a pilot in the escort group. Nonetheless, if she wanted to join the small corporation, she needed to complete a course in a flight school, which she attended as soon as she was able to. It turned out that she was very skilled in flying a vessel and fighting in it and even her teacher was surprised and offered her a place in the Gallic Royal Navy. The GRN needed pilots like her, but she declined the offer and continued her training for the corporation.

Everything was the way Sophie was expecting it to be, until one day, when she was suddenly enlisted into the GRN, without even being made aware of that. Later she found out that it was her parents who enlisted her without her approval. She was in anger and depressed as the only people, her parents, the ones she loved and trusted, deceived her. She left her home, her parents and sworn that she will never return to them again. Next she tried to reverse the procedure, but nothing worked. If she wanted to leave the GRN, she would have been accused of treason. At that point she didn't care anymore. All she wanted was to be away from her parents and so she stopped to protest. Due to her ability in the area of combat in space she has been granted a fighter in no time. She has been serving the GRN for years, lonely, without any friends, without a family. The only people she knew were her superiors and the pilots she flew with. And all the time she was wondering why her parents did these things to her without even consulting or discussing it with her. She was depressed and all she wanted was to put an end to her life. Her, more or less, successful, yet painful life. She was a victim to everyone. She hoped she would get killed on her patrols, in the fights against the Bretonia Armed Forces. But nothing alike happened and so she tried to find other ways. She left her escort wings to be alone, in the hope that she would get caught and executed. However, even in those situations she always found a way out of the trouble, even if it was unintentional.

She was sick of being the marionette. All these questions in her head that were asking for clearance. She wanted clarity and so she went back to her family-house. Once she was there she realized that the house was empty. No one has lived there for years. She asked around and she found out that her parents died years ago, after she left them. Still, depressed and without the clarity she was hoping for, she went back to the house, to her old room. There she found a letter lying on the bed. Apparently it was lying there for a really long time, considering the looks of the letter. She opened it and what she read was the worst that could happen to her.

After reading the letter, Sophie finally received the clarity she hoped for. But that didn't make her happy in any way. She knew what she had to do. She was going to listen to her parents and planned to leave the GRN forever. Actually, she planned to leave Gallia forever, until the oppression and corruption would end. All she needed was a place where she could stay, and possibly fight the oppression. So she went to Bretonia to find help. If she was going to be shot wasn't something that bothered her anymore. It was her last try to change something in her life.

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