James Arland

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James Arland
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Occupation Freelancer
Gender Male
Height 1.93m
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Affiliation Bretonia Armed Forces, (formerly), 5th Sabre Resistance (disbanded)
Rank Commander
Status Active
Born February 10th, 792 A.S., Leeds Space

James Arland was a highly trained and experienced officer of the Bretonian Armed Forces until the internal schism in said military in 819 A.S, at which point he deserted along with several other prominent Armed Forces officers in order to form an independent movement to oppose the Gaul invasion through any means necessary.

Currently alive and working on various projects and smaller scale partisan operations against Gallia, while making a living doing freelance work of various kinds.

Personal History


Having been born on a transit shuttle between Leeds and New London, James originated from a moderate income family upbringing. His father, Alexander Arland, was known to be a Captain in the Royal Marines with a heavily censored service record who vanished without a trace during a combat deployment in 809 A.S. Well-read and erudite. Worked as private security for quite a few years before enrolling at the Armed Forces Military Academy situated at Cambridge, graduating from several advanced infantry and officer courses with excellent marks before deciding to fly as a combat pilot in 818 A.S.

Military Career

James was promoted to Lieutenant after a short period of time spent as an Ensign upon the construction of King's Cross station in 819 A.S, having displayed appropriate composition and competence while flying security for the Bowex vessels, engaging Mollys in combat.

Was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and later Commander the same year, due to continuing displays of competence, valor and performance under duress.

Transferred to Sabre Wing at the behest of Austin Goodman, and completed several reconnaissance, search-and-rescue, as well as harassment and strike operations (being captured once by Nancy Sweetwater, freed by Janessa Carlton) behind Gaul lines until the the Sabre Schism in December 819 A.S.


After most of the individual members of the Sabre unit drifted off to follow private pursuits, James has lived the life of a freelancer. Travelling from place to place while working with his friend and accomplice, Lisa Jaeger, he has spent much of his time improving his technical skills. While lacking the broader knowledge of a fully fledged engineer, James nonetheless has acquired a remarkable aptitude for circuitry logic and small-scale machining and assembly, particularly the kinds pertaining to weapons, munitions and armour technology.

James' activities over the course of his exile have not been limited to the legal or semi-legal. In order to fund his partisan attacks on Gaul military forces, he has been taking funding from any source he can find, up to and including robbery, mercenary work, and assisting Jaeger in various forms of cybercrime that require a hands-on presence.

Psychological Profile

James is a highly calm and composed man, and fiercely loyal to those who fight alongside him in the war against Gallia. While compassionate in most situations, he is also an experienced hand at deadpan sarcasm, and has repeatedly demonstrated a surprisingly large capacity for violence, as might fit a career soldier. His usually pleasant behaviour is also tempered by a very pragmatic worldview, which has only grown stronger as, lacking other purpose in life, he made the war against Gallia a matter of personal obsession rather than something that just used to be work.

In essence, he is primarily driven by a twofold desire to be good at his job, and extracting vengeance against Gallia (which he perceives as the root cause of his troubles), while ensuring the well-being of his closest colleagues and friends.

While not typically considered sociopathic or otherwise mentally disturbed, civilians who have met him often find his continuing, ruthless dedication to and borderline obsession with warfare strange at best, and strongly alienating at worst.

Became briefly romantically involved with Janessa Carlton after her rescuing him from captivity at Planet Nevers.


  • Expert marksmanship
  • Experienced combat pilot
  • Highly accomplished hunter, stalker and sniper
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant
  • Gunsmith, variety of military technical knowledge
  • Excellent planner and tactician

Personal Diplomacy

Faction Relationship People
Lisa Jaeger
Austin Goodman
Janessa Carlton
Mike Havering
Arthur Davenport
Sophie Savoie
Everybody else
Nancy Sweetwater