Sapporo Station

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Sapporo Station
Kuraudoshida class Station
Sapporo Station.jpg
SamuraLogo.png Samura Industries
6E, Hokkaido
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 400

Constructed by Samura after the completion of the Jump Gate linking Hokkaido and New Tokyo, Sapporo Station was intended to act as a local base from which Samura could survey the surrounding systems for mineral resources. For a time, the station was repurposed to house the DSE construction crews working on the Chugoku Jump Gate, but since it's completion, the station has slowly returned to its original purpose, which is the exploitation of resources in the Hokkaido system. Ever since Kishiro and the GMG signed an agreement in 801 A.S. to open up Sigma-19 for exclusive exploitation, Samura found itself all but locked out of the H-Fuel markets, despite the majority of their fuel having previously been stored at Osaka Storage Facility.

Realising that GMG's reliance on Osaka would rapidly wane, Samura restarted it's own gas mining operations shortly thereafter, something they had been forbidden to do under the terms of their terminated prior agreement with the Guild. The Gas mining operations continue to meet strong resistance from the unlawful elements of Hokkaido, particularly the Golden Chrysanthemums who have a base hidden somewhere in the Shiden Cloud. Despite this, with a recent influx of funds from the late Osaka's insurance policy, Samura have been stepping up their operation to extract the valuable H-Fuel gases that are abundant in the southern part of the system. Undergoing almost continual upgrades, Samura hopes Sapporo Station will one day anchor a vast network of Gas Miners as Kusari seeks to exert dominance as a major player in the H-Fuel Industry.

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