Sendai Research Complex

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Sendai Research Complex
Hideyoshi class Station
Sendai Research Complex.jpg
DragonsLogo.png Blood Dragons
1E/2E, Okinawa
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Crew 380

Built in 692 A.S., four years after the Okinawa system was discovered by Blood Dragon scouts, the Sendai Research Complex was originally designed to house weapon and ship research for the Blood Dragons in an uncharted system, to maintain security and secrecy. Sendai focuses mainly on reverse engineering and adapting smuggled and stolen technologies, acquired by various means. The Nodachi bomber and Kagutsuchi were among the ships designed here, although the latter required the assistance of their Order allies.

Sendai has been an important xenoarcheological laboratory as well in more recent years. When in the months leading up to the Nomad War, house governments banned civilian posession of alien artifacts, such research was forced underground. It was during this time that the Order and Blood Dragons became allied, and many notable Kusari xeno-scientists who went to ground, joining the Dragons. Sendai continues this research to this day, receiving captured cargo from Hogosha Artifact smugglers and studying them for any activity or information.

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