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Governing House Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Region Bretonia
New London

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System Overview

Astronomical Bodies
Stellar Objects

Medium Yellow

  • TYPE: G2
  • COLOR: Yellow
  • MASS: 1.99 x 10e30 kg
  • DIAMETER: 1.39 x 10e7 km

  • None
  • BMM Gold Field
  • Hood Asteroid Field
  • Independent Gold Field
  • Molly Asteroid Field
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System Map

Areas of Interest


Asteroid Fields

BMM Gold Field


The Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing (BMM) Gold field is the richest pocket of free-floating Gold in the Sirius Sector and has been exclusively claimed by the BMM. To enforce their claim, BMM has ringed the area with a minefield and controls all access to both the field and their local headquarters on Graves Station.

BMM Gold Field.jpg

Hood Asteroid Field

Near the wreck of the Hood lies an asteroid field, already plundered of any Gold it may have once held. Currently the field is the site of an extremely hazardous race course that the jaded inhabitants of the Hood sometimes like to run when hopped up on the sunshine that passes for alcohol aboard the ship.

Hood Asteroid Field.jpg

Independent Gold Field

A medium-sized asteroid field with Gold deposits, largely worked by independent miners who are generally unfriendly to anyone who might lay stake to their claims. Recently, Corsairs have been seen in the area.

Independant Gold Field.jpg

Molly Asteroid Field


After the Founder's Day Revolt and the subsequent bloody reprisals by both Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing (BMM) and the Bretonian Armed Forces, the majority of the Mollys took refuge in this asteroid field, ringing the perimeter with a treacherous minefield. Deposits of Gold scattered throughout the field have funded much of the Mollys' efforts. NOTE: The Mollys are vicious and unprincipled; they will attack any outsiders who enter areas under their control.

Molly Gold Field.jpg

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