Sulawesi Citadel

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Sulawesi Citadel
Flores class Station
Sulawesi Citadel.jpg
CR Logo.png Crayter Republic
3G, Tau-44
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 5K

Sulawesi Citadel was initially constructed as a survey outpost by the Independent Miners Guild, but was transferred to Crayter control when operations did not yield the expected results.

The Crayter Republic decided to redevelop the structure into the massive fortress, which eventually became known as Sulawesi Citadel. When the Gallic Royal Navy invaded their home system, the station was abandoned by the Crayter Republic, with its populace evacuated to Coronado. Over the next few years, Gallic occupation forces relied on the strength of the fortress to control Tau-44 access. Following the defection of the Oblique battlegroup, however, the position became isolated and left vulnerable to attack.

The 12th Marine Brigade of the Crayter Military used their superior knowledge of the Citadel’s layout to their advantage when they launched their large scale joint attack with the Council. They were able to take over essential positions swiftly, before being confronted by serious resistance by the remaining defenders. After 36 hours of fierce on-station fighting, long after the Royal Navy had successfully withdrawn from the system, the commanding officer of the Royal Marines suffered a mortal wound, causing the remaining forces to surrender on the condition of safe passage into Council jurisdiction.

Immediately, the Republic began efforts to strengthen it as a defensive stronghold, in case of a potential retaliatory attack by the Gallic Royal Navy. Normal operations on the base will otherwise take time to resume, as fortification is of paramount priority.

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