Heaven's Gate

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Heaven's Gate
Honkyo class Station
Heaven's Gate.png
The Wild
5C/6C, Tohoku
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 1,870

Heaven's Gate was once one of the wonders of Kusari - a massive space fortress built to shelter the Emperor, laden with enough defenses to render any assault pointless. Aside from being a massive bastion, the Arch also holds some of Kusari's finest artistic designs, including the "Waterfall of Light".

After the coup of 330 A.S., Heaven's Gate fell out of use. Samura felt the Emperor would be a stronger leader figure if he was visible, so the throne remained on New Tokyo. Unwilling to let this marvel of Kusari culture decay, the Arch was kept operational, serving as a storage base for Kusari's most guarded secrets.

The base was subverted during the Nomad Wars, when Tekagi, after having met with Rheinland officials, had been corrupted by the Nomads. Tekagi was able to slowly replace and subvert the base guards, until all of the base and its guarding fleet were under Nomad control. The Blood Dragons learned of this subversion through their contacts with the Order, and were able to penetrate the base once during the Nomad Wars, stealing an important artifact at the cost of a small fleet of their ships.

The base however was never completely secured, and the Nomad-infested soldiers soon regained control of the area. They remain in control of the base to this day.

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