The Nomad Vagrants ID

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The Nomad Vagrants are the remnant forces of those Nomads that were pulled into the Hypergate at the end of the Nomad War. Having been transported into a faraway sector, the Vagrants were completely isolated from the struggles of the Slomon K'Hara in Sirius. As a consequence, the Vagrants have not undergone the Slomon K'Hara's adaptations to the human threat. Upon their return to Sirius, the Vagrants were seen as an oddity by the Slomon K'Hara and mostly left to their own devices, yet despite this, the Vagrants are determined to take the Daam K'Vosh's heritage and one day be eye to eye with the Slomon K'Hara again.

Pilot carrying this unlawful ID is a member of the Nomad Vagrants, who:

  • - Can freely engage all ships within their Zone of Influence.
  • - Can assist other Nomads and Wild both within and outside their Zone of Influence.
  • - Can freely engage any Core or Order ships both within and outside of their Zone of Influence.
  • - Cannot demand credits or cargo.
  • - Cannot dock anywhere except for Nomad and Wild bases.

Zone of Influence: Omicrons, Omegas, Taus, Sigmas, Independent Worlds, systems containing Wild or Nomad bases

Allowed ships: All Nomad ships