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Torino Base
ParmA-19 class Asteroid Base
Torino Base.jpg
Flag-outcasts.png Outcasts
5B, Lorraine
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Crew 500

Torino asteroid base was hastily built in 818 A.S. by the Junkers from Lixheim who were hired by the Outcasts. When the minefield was breached, patrols from Genoa Base were quick to investigate the situation. After a brief skirmish with Council scouts sent through to make contact, they were surprised to find that among the strange Gallic Naval, familiar Junkers resided. Outcast leaders were quick to detain and "persuade" several Junkers to explain their activities on Malta. In the process, they learned much about Gallia, and the potential for Cardamine distribution to that house.

The Outcasts then pressured the Junkers of Lixheim into providing them a suitable location for their first outpost inside Gallic space. Other pirate factions chose not to offer the Junkers any protection from the Outcasts, and many said that the Junkers sealed their fate themselves by co-operating with Gallic officials for so many years. Therefore, the Junkers had to deal with the visitors on their own.

Torino was established in an asteroid base previously occupied by Gallic Brigands, but abandoned when the Brigands were unable to mainain an adequate supply line to the base. After repressurising the base and restoring one of the docking facilities, the base was turned over to the Outcasts, who converted the remainder of the base to suit their own needs. The Outcasts plan to start the distribution of Cardamine into Gallia from Torino, realising the potential for profit by exporting the drug to their new neighbours.

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