Toulon Mining Facility

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Toulon Mining Facility
C-20 (Capucine) class Station
Toulon Mining Facility.jpg
GMS Logo.png Gallic Metal Service
C4, Provence
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 1,900

The Camargue Dust Field has long been known to posess small quantities of various rare metals that are readily accessible. Although the Crown granted an exclusive mining concession for this field to GMS, illegal mining by ambitious Freelancers has long been a problem. These miners violently resisted the GMS construction efforts in the field, and it was not until the Gallic Royal Navy was ordered to step in, that Toulon could finally be built. The facility was completed in 703 A.G.S. .

Illegal mining remains a problem to this day. The GMS has hired mercenaries to destroy any mining ship found in the field that does not belong to the company. This move has caused some controversy in the Core Worlds, with some arguing that the company should not be allowed to enforce laws as that is the task of the Gallic Royal Police. The brutal tactics employed by these mercenaries have caused some of the freelancers to violently retaliate against the GMS mining fleet.

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Gallic Light Miner
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Gallic Heavy Miner
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Deep Space Miner