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Governing House Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Region Rheinland
Puerto Rico

Thuringia is an isolated military testing site, home to a sizable garrison of Rheinland Military and Marinenachrichtendienst. The system is closed to public traffic for unspecified reasons of national security. Unauthorized ships that are found entering the system will be shot on sight by the local forces. Thuringia is officially non-existent and its location is not mapped on any database to avoid trespassing. However, the historic existence of the System is a matter of public record, if heavily suppressed by the federal government and removed by law from all general education practice.

However, certain details of the Thuringia system have crept into local folklore and legend. Some of Rheinland's neo-Heathen religious sects view whisper of a mysterious 'Asgard' system to the cosmic north of the Rheinland core systems. For those that know of Thuringia, the system is considered one and the same.

Echos of Thuringia remain for students of Rheinland Imperial History. It is believed that the Unioners have an intrinsic ancestral connection to the region, and operate deep within the inner system despite federal attempts to kick them out. Civilians are strongly advised to avoid Thuringia.

System Overview

Astronomical Bodies
Stellar Objects

White Giant

  • TYPE: G2
  • COLOR: Yellow
  • MASS: 1.99 x 10e30 kg
  • DIAMETER: 1.39 x 10e7 km
Planet Artern.jpg
Planet Artern
Planet Eisenach.jpg
Planet Eisenach
Planet Erfurt.jpg
Planet Erfurt
Planet Gotha.jpg
Planet Gotha
Planet Ilmenau.jpg
Planet Ilmenau

Planet Oberhof.jpg
Planet Oberhof

Planet Weimar.jpg
Planet Weimar
Uninhabited -- MND

  • None
  • Hohenfeld
  • Nordhausen Fragments
  • Salzungegraben
  • Salzungenebel
  • Suhl Anomaly
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System Map

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A nebula of concentrated gas veils the entire north-eastern periphery of the Thuringia system. The main component of the cloud is a mixture of elemental hydrogen, sulfides and alkanes, along with faint traces of noble gases. No attempts at extraction have been made so far, as it would require extensive refining of the gas, making its use as fuel rather unprofitable currently. The nebula also contains large crystalline structures which are presumed to be the remains of ancient xeno-algae colonies that died out when they ran out of nutrients millions of years ago. These structures represent a unique opportunity for the xenobiologists of the Marinenachrichtendienst to study the objects and extant organisms on site, in search of possible military, industrial, or terraforming uses for the algae.

The Rheinland Military and MND have chosen this location with good reason. Thuringia's nature makes coordinated assaults rather difficult, with the Ragnitfeld being an easily defended location and the only known entrance to this system blocked by the military's reserve fleet. The Military and MND also established a combat training ground for special forces here - often seen performing live fire drills, flight maneuvers or experimental weapons tests. Security in the area is maintained by frequent patrols of the Military's elite forces and the MND's autonomous defence flotilla. Technical info



A grey coloured, yellow to green shimmery nebula, whose composition is a toxic cocktail of carbonaceous gases and halogens mixed with metal dust particles.

Caution is advised when passing through the area without shields. Electromagnetic fields emitted by board electronics attract iron particles from the nebula and can result in damage to crucial ship components. The MND has imposed a quarantine upon the nebula due to an unspecified threat within.

Suhl Anomaly


The Suhl expanse is a naturally occurring, though only recently expanding phenomenon surrounding the system. Nothing is as mysterious as the Suhl, which is almost invisible to the human eye and unique in Sirius. Its quantum fields and electromagnetic interference are responsible for Thuringia's infamous system-wide disturbances that heavily disrupt scanners and communication systems. Nastrand apparently disrupts all kinds of radio signals, and throws back fragments that result in false scanner readings. Patrol wings occasionally report shrill background noises emanating from the anomaly, typically described as a "metallic howl" or "grinding". Other incidents have demonstrated the enormous shearing forces within the expanse, inexorably tearing apart every object that makes direct contact.

According to rumors, the MND experimented with the artificial generation and stabilisation of quantum fields for military jump technology. However, the anomaly began to expand after an accident occurred in the year 820 A.S., during various field tests in close orbit of Planet Gotha. It is believed the original research station is still intact and currently taking measures to prevent the expansion of the anomaly. Researchers fear the Nastrand could expand into colonized systems with catastrophic consequences.

The MND advises pilots not to rely on sensors and to avoid all contact with quantum singularities, since these are still unexplored and extremely dangerous. Dozens of wrecks trapped within the anomaly are a testament to the destructive forces of the Suhl, a warning to all pilots attempting to pass through open space in Thuringia without up to date nav maps or extensive personal knowledge of the area.

Asteroid Fields

Nordhausen Fragments


A huge asteroid belt of planetary fragments and radioactive debris orbiting Thuringia's star, most of which are the remains of Planet Gotha that broke apart due to unknown circumstances in 820 AS. Nordhausen features moderate deposits of metal ores and radioactive elements. However, its distance and threats elsewhere in the system have rendered exploitation infeasible. The area is currently used as a weapons testing site by the Rheinland Military and MND. Closer analysis of the planetary fragments reveal signatures of nuclear and antimatter explosions, as well as traces of unidentified matter.



Once the mothballed Imperal Reserve Fleet during the 80-Years War, today a ship graveyard of historical significance that serves as a reminder of the Empire's war efforts. These are the last existing remnants of the Imperial Navy's elite fleet, all lined up and waiting for the final battle that never came. All of the construction and war machinery abandoned here is no longer functional and has slowly decayed over the past centuries from continuous exposure to the hostile environment of the Salzungenebel.

In recent years the field has caught the attention of unknown groups who have been dismantling the wrecks to obtain useful materials. Debris and scavenged hulks also reveal numerous attempts to reactivate some of the derelict warships here, attempts which are apparently still ongoing. Many pilots have entered the graveyard to see wrecks of the legendary Imperial Rheinland fleet -- often disappearing without a trace.

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