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Our goal is to create a site with all the resources to guide both experienced players and new players to the enjoyable world of the Discovery Mod. Please enjoy your stay! Feel free to browse or if you would like to edit the wiki, please see our Style Guide.

Getting started
  • Freelancer – What is it? Story and history here.
  • Discovery Mod – What is it? How to install and such...
  • The Basics – Overview of everything a newbie should get acquainted with.
  • Links – Where to download and get additional information.
Discovery RP 24/7 Server
Discovery Role-Playing
Quick Reference

Houses & Regions





Discovery Mod Development
  • Mod Feedback – Recaps for forum threads on mod development.
  • New Ships – New ships submitted for the next version of Discovery. Confidential materials should not be posted.
  • New Systems – New systems being developed by 3rd parties for the next mod version.
  • Survey Questions – Questions to be asked on forum surveys.
Contributing to Discovery Wiki

Disco Wiki Editing Guides
Please look these over before editing

  • Style Guide – a comprehensive guide to editing in the styles chosen for the Discovery Wiki.
  • Wiki Editing Rules – Rules laid forth by Igiss and the wiki editorial team for the content of the Discovery Wiki.
  • Editor's Compendium – An index of tools and special pages useful to editors of this wiki.

Wiki Maintainance

  • General Discussion – New pages proposal, wiki structure changing.
  • Page Deletion – List of pages that need to be deleted and/or merged with each other.
  • TODO list – List of pages that need to be modified and actions that need doing.

Learning about a wiki

  • What's a wiki? – Introduction to what a wiki is and how it works
  • Registering – DiscoveryWiki requires that all who wish to make edits to register and confirm their email.
  • Editing Guide – Editing guide to help all those new to a wiki to meaningfully contribute.