Versailles Residence

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Versailles Residence
Palace class Station
Versailles Residence.jpg
Flag-gallia.png Gallic Royal Police
4C, Ile-de-France
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 480

Versailles was completed in 607 AGS after 20 years of continuous building. The station was ordered by King Richard V as his new space residence. Richard was a splendor-loving hedonist who chose to oversee the construction himself. However, constant delays and budget issues prevented the station's completion during his lifetime. He never had a chance to see his creation in person.

Richard V was an ambiguous figure. But his popularity with the Gallic people was hard to underestimate. After his death, the Gallic Liberation Movement and its supporters in the Parliament passed a law that would restrict Royal family expenses to a small sum annually substracted from the House's budget. At the same time, many parts of Versailles were offered for rent to compensate for the skyrocketing construction and maintenance costs. Between years 630 and 640 AGS, the Liberation Movement lost much of its former influence, and several of its most notable leaders were tried for treason and convicted. Eventually, the Movement was banned in 636 AGS under the reign of Louis V. Shortly afterwards, many limitations for Royal expenses were removed. Civilians and companies who could afford renting space on Versailles were asked to move out. Many later claimed that they were denied any compensation.

With improved security equipment introduced after 645 AGS, Versailles became a popular place for the Kings and Queens of Gallia to visit. It is a large and lush facility that looks more like a palace in space than an actual space station. One distinct difference from other space stations is that Versailles has far larger living quarters, passageways and halls. It houses fewer people then other stations of it's size.

Due to its status as the second favourite Royal residence (after Louvre on Planet New Paris), Versailles is a target of choice for many Gallic terrorist groups. The Maquis are the most serious threat. Thus far, they have made three serious attempts to destroy the station, one of which (in 715 AGS) was almost successful. A captured transport was loaded with a massive nuclear warhead and sent to the station using a forged transponder signal. The transport masked as a Water and Oxygen supply ship, and it wasn't until the last minutes that the controllers aboard the station realised something was wrong. The transport was obliterated by turret fire not far from the station's docks. The resulting explosions crippled the ship, but did not trigger the explosive payload in it's hold. Salvage ships subsequently towed the wreck away, and the Gallic Royal Navy detonated the transport in a live broadcast throughout Gallia, showing it's citizens just what the Maquis had sought to do.

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