Wall Street Station

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Wall Street Station
Charging Bull class Station
Wall Street Station.png
Interspace Commerce
G3, Honshu
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 730

Wall Street Station was established by Interspace to function as an off-house headquarters for the organisation. Its remote location means that not much cargo passes through Wall Street, but the business deals made on the station often value in the billions. Its accomodations are luxurious, easily rivalling that of luxury liners and resort worlds. Some of its more well known features are the Ships Inn Club, the Spacewalk Promenade and the Pavilion - a large retail center with only the most exclusive products.

A large section of the station has been taken up by an organisation known as the Independent Neuralnet Division (IND). This organisation started out as an Interspace subsidiary, but has since branched away from it's parent. The IND section of the station has been heavily modified, with a large amount of counter-espionage systems rumored to have been put in place. Very few people outside of the IND know what actually goes on in what has become known as "Grey Sector" on Wall Street.

Missions Offered

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