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Alignment Unlawful


Coalition, IMG, Red Hessians


BMM, Bowex, Corsairs, Gaians, House Authorities, House Corporations

The Mollys are a separatist group committed to Dublin's sovereignty and freedom from Bretonian rule and Corsair influence. Attacking civilian, commercial, and military targets in equal measure, the Mollys have been branded as radical terrorists by all major Houses for their repeated attacks on critical infrastructure and the lawlessness they have brought to the Dublin system.

Ships used

Ship Class
Jackal Light Fighter
Mule Freighter
Surveyor Heavy Fighter
Pirate Transport Transport
Greyhound Heavy Fighter
Scraper Very Heavy Fighter
Harrier Very Heavy Fighter
Bloodhound Very Heavy Fighter
Wolfhound Bomber
Buzzard Bomber
Molly Gunboat Gunboat
Rogue Destroyer Cruiser

Bases owned

Base Owner System Region
Destroyer Shillelagh Mollys Dublin Bretonia
Lisburn Rock Mollys Cambridge Bretonia
Arranmore Base Mollys Dublin Bretonia
Mull Base Mollys Newcastle Bretonia
Foyle Shipyard Mollys Dublin Bretonia
Garvagh Base Mollys Omega-48 Omega Edge Worlds


Base Owner System Region
Lisburn Rock Mollys Cambridge Bretonia
Aralsk Research Station Sirius Coalition Omega-52 Omega Edge Worlds
Planet New London, Landing Site Freelancers New London Atmosphere Bretonia
Arranmore Base Mollys Dublin Bretonia
Trafalgar Base Junkers New London Bretonia
Mull Base Mollys Newcastle Bretonia
South Shields Refinery Independent Miners Guild Newcastle Bretonia
Halifax Freeport Freelancers Leeds Bretonia
Garvagh Base Mollys Omega-48 Omega Edge Worlds


Faction Relationship
Bretonia Mining & Manufacturing
Bretonia Armed Forces
Bretonia Police
ALG Waste Disposal
Border World Exports
Cryer Pharmaceuticals
Interspace Commerce
Daumann Heavy Construction
Kishiro Technologies
Deep Space Engineering
Synth Foods, Inc.
Gateway Shipping
Orbital Spa & Cruise
Imperial Shipping
Samura Industries
Universal Shipping
Planetform, Inc.
Ageira Technologies
Kusari Office of Intelligence
Bretonia Intelligence Service
Gallic Navy
Gallic Gendarmerie
Bounty Hunters Guild
The Core
Gas Miners Guild
Kusari Naval Forces
Kusari State Police
Liberty Security Force
Liberty Navy
Alaska Security Forces
Liberty Police, Inc.
Rheinland Military
Rheinland Federal Police
Object Unknown
Kruger Minerals
Lane Hackers
Liberty Rogues
Red Hessians


Trafalgar Base
  • One of our lads, Roger Patience, got captured last week by the police in Manchester during a MOX raid. He's one of our best. He was on a prison convoy headed for Newgate Prison. We cracked him out in Manchester yesterday as it broke from the Trade Lanes. If you see him, he might buy you a drink to celebrate his new-found freedom.

  • The Molly fighter Vanguard was on a Gold run from Dublin to Trafalgar when it was intercepted by a Bretonia Armed Forces patrol in the Cumbria Asteroid Field. They gave chase and he fled into a known gas hazard area. Unfortunately, his luck ran out that day when he encountered a particularly dense pocket. The ship still lies there, awaiting anyone foolish enough to knowingly enter a volatile gas zone.

  • We like to get our supplies for Arranmore here in New London. We can get the basics from the Hood easily, but commodities like Side Arms and Engine Components aren't available there.

  • The Junkers like to deal with us because we bring them something everybody wants: Gold. We used to mine it for BMM; now we steal theirs or mine it from our own fields. We aren't thieves, though. We paid for that Gold in blood and the broken hands of our brethren and fathers before us. Graves was nothing more than a slaver. He and his ilk got what was coming.

Lisburn Rock

  • The Armed Forces think that hiding behind that ramshackle defensive line of theirs will keep the Corsairs out. We know better. They simply move around it, either going past the nightside of Cambridge or through the Grasmere and Keswick clouds. If they go through the Keswick now, though, they've got us to deal with.

  • For a time we threw our lot in with the Armed Forces against the Kusari. A lot of good that did. Our lads bled and got nothing to show for it. Don't think any of us will be of mind to help the Queen's lapdogs out again.

  • Lisburn Rock is one of the most recently established bases for the Mollies. Aside from being in a very nice spot to hit the Trade Lane leading towards the Omega-3 system, it enables us to keep the pressure on those blasted Corsairs that keep coming in from the south.

  • A lot of people end up wondering why we've got this here installation when we're fighting for the independence of Dublin. Answer's fairly simple, really. Dublin ain't no use to no-one if it's over-run with bloody 'Sairs! This system here is how they get to New London. We reckon if we can cut off their route early, we can keep their numbers down in ol' Dub'. Lisburn's sat right on top of their route, so it's a daily fight to the death.

  • Even though we're usually good with the IMG guys, we can't really use Cardiff to buy some goods. The Armed Forces are keeping too close a watch on the area. Still, it's not all bad. The miners don't come looking for us in the Keswick, so we usually only have Corsairs and the odd Bounty Hunter to deal with.

  • From here it's a short hop to Omega-3, and a slightly longer haul to New London. We can get our basics from either Trafalgar or Freeport 1. Thing is, it's the Zoners that give the 'Sairs a bloody place to launch from in the first place - on Gran Canaria and that Freeport! Makes it hard to want to work with em, aye?

  • We mine the water we need to keep ticking over out in Keswick. Oxygen you can get from cracking H-Fuel, so that ain't really a problem either. One thing we are right keen on is Food and Tobacco. Cambridge is a breadbasket, so there's freighters carrying Food left right and centre. Snag that and we'll be a happy bunch.

  • If y'can bring in some Prisoners from the Bowex lads that are tryin' to squirrel 'em away to Newgate from the Norfolk, we'll happily toss ye a credit or two for it. For the real big bucks though, Engine Components are the way to go. The techies like the ones from Rheinland the best - very well built, and they can take a missile or two before something cracks. Our sort of gear, really.

Halifax Freeport
  • The Molly cause might have started in Dublin, but it's always been strong in Leeds. Plenty of angry folk crushed under the heel of BMM planetside and stationside, all willing to join up for something greater. Well, that was then, anyway. Now it's just a trickle of folk like me, coming out to toast to fallen comrades.

  • Halifax is great. I mean, it's a dump leaking air from half a dozen places, but you can get almost anything and meet almost anyone here.

  • One day this base just sort-of... appeared, and ever since it's been a meeting place for all sorts of folk. Some people think it was an intel op from the Crown, others assume it was a ramshackle Gaul supply depot. Me? I think it's got decent chairs, strong gin, and no fuzz in sight.

Arranmore Base
  • The mines we placed make working the Arranmore field a mite rougher then most, but it's still a bloody lot safer then working for ol' Graves. We at least know where the bloody bombs are.

  • The Mollys were established right after the Founders Day Revolt. All we were trying to do was let the government know how bad we were being treated by BMM. The government didn't care. We weren't worth anything in their eyes, just like the BMM executives. We knew that Bretonia wasn't our home, and if we ever wanted to have a home we would have to carve it from Bretonian space.

  • The Corsairs come in through various holes. They used to only come in from New London, usin' that bloody Junker hive as a base for theirs and them. Dunno why the lads dinnae raze it. Doesn't matter now, the Zoners showed em another way in through Omega-48.

  • The Junkers? They have their uses. Bring us a lot of goods that would be a mite hard to get otherwise. And they take payment in gold, and don't ask questions. That works for us. A good bit of the gold mined here goes over to Trafalgar, and we head back with various supplies such as Mining Machinery and Food, but sometimes also Engine Components or Hull Panels - after all our ships tend to take a beating.

  • The Scargill was participating on a Gold poaching run into the BMM Gold Field several weeks ago when it was caught by the company security patrol. They pursued the fleeing ship into the minefield, where it blew up. There may still be looted Gold in the cargo hold; the BMM patrol left it in place as a warning to other Mollys.

  • The time to strike is now lad. The Bretonian military is divided and still recovering from the Gallic war. They don't have any backup to call on anymore. We take Essex out, Dublin is ours. Without the military, Graves will last no more than a few days.

  • Well, we lobbed old man Graves' head off in the Founders Day Revolt, but now his daughter runs BMM. She is just as bad as he ever was, but she is more dangerous because she is smarter. One day I will see her dead. Our attacks at their base are getting closer and closer to blowing the whole station.

  • The Gold we mine goes to various parties. The Junkers buy some up and sell it off to other groups like the Lane Hackers, Outcasts and Liberty Rogues. They need it for shipbuilding. The Red Hessians also buy up a good bit. We give those guys a bit of a discount - an incentive to shoot more Corsairs before they foul up Dublin.

  • The Gauls sure talked a big game, sayin' they were gonna take down the Queen and leave Dublin ta us. In the end they left with their tail between their legs, not before glassing Leeds though. Just goes to show, if we want Dublin to be free, we can't rely on others to do it. How you ask? Why that's easy. Kill em all, make sure we're the last men standing.

  • One of our lads got captured last week by a Bretonian patrol in Leeds during a supply raid. He's one of our best - Roger Patience's his name. He's on a prison convoy on its way to Newgate Prison. We're gonna crack him out in Manchester as the ships break from the Trade Lanes.

  • We lost half a patrol the other day, not a pretty sight, what's worse is that we're being asked to go back out and salvage whatever's left. It's not right, but things are tough right now, especially without the Armed Forces to distract the Corsairs. Don't get me wrong, I don't miss their pomp and show, but I miss not having to rummage through the spaceborne coffins of my friends.

  • We bought our freedom in fire. When we told BMM in the strongest of voices we wouldn't be pushed around anymore, they decided to get violent. So we got violent too. Graves burned that day, as did Endeavour and the Armed Forces who were sent after us. And anyone who threatens our freedom, we will burn down as well.

  • As nice as all the flag waving and chest thumping is, things feel more uncertain after our "victory" here. I see patrols get launched more often, and when those ships return, I count less among their numbers. It leaves me with a pinch in my throat. Sorry, I'm not good company right now, I'm going to finish this bottle and go.

  • The Corsairs are damned vultures. Always been a thorn in our sides, fighting us over gold, targets for extortion, and now control over the entire system. We've been going after them with everything we have, just short of the kitchen sink anyway, and they still won't go away. It's frustrating, because we're so close to finally getting what we fought for - real independence.

  • The Mollys hate BMM. They were the ones who worked us to the bone. The life expectancy for a miner before the revolt was less than six years. If you're gonna have a life expectancy for a job, you might as well be a soldier.

Mull Base
  • We've kept this base secret even during our ceasefire with the Armed Forces a few months back. That wasn't exactly in line with the agreement, but we expected them to not be serious about the agreement anyhow. They needed breathing room while Kusari was beating on them, and we needed some time to exploit our own gains, like Belfast.

  • The Outcasts used to control the Jump Hole to Tau-31 up in the Galloway, although the IMG knows about it too. I wonder how Gallia learned about it. I doubt the IMG would have told 'em, they got no love for the Gauls, but are just too cowardly to put their Tachyons where their heart is.

  • Gallia. Not sure what to think of it to be honest. The Outcasts have run afoul of them, and the Gaians seem to have buddied up with them. Two reasons for me why I should be gunning for them. But word is to hold off, for now. I guess our leaders want to figure out their intentions first.

  • We work with the Outcasts on occasion, but only if it benefits both us and them. They have a base up north in the Galloway, but if you plan to go look for it, you didn't hear about it from me.

  • We're trying to build nuclear weapons here using plutonium. It isn't easy to get that stuff here - the IMG won't get it for us, and the various Kusari groups aren't too keen on trading it either. Most of the time we have to steal it from transports heading to Birmingham. We've done some "testing" on an Armed Forces comm buoy. Talk about sending a clear message, heh.

  • The nebulas in the system are unusually dense. That's a good thing for us, since it helps us move about without being detected. There used to be a few minefields over in the large Barrier wisp in the east, but I hear the Armed Forces cleared those out.

  • We get really annoyed with those Gaian idiots. Those bleeding heart morons fly about screaming about the rights of planets. How about the rights of humans? We need those planets. What does a planet care about us digging up raw materials from the surface, anyway? Next time one of 'em annoys me, I'll wrap 'em in a lifepod and shoot 'em down to Middlesbrough. Without a vacsuit.

  • We get a fair share of rookie pilots out here. Most of them are okay though, there's hardly any Mollys who don't know how to fly a ship. We send 'em off to skirmish over on yon lane, against Bowex, the Police Authority and the occasional Gaians. Some don't make it. Those who do learn a trick or two. That's the Molly educational system for you.

  • We captured Belfast by launching a direct assault from this base. The Armed Forces were too preoccupied with Kusari at the time - we knew the Ark Royal wasn't ready for any kind of operation, and BMM corporate security is a joke. Belfast now produces a large portion of all our manufactured goods, using raw materials usually "liberated" from various transports across Bretonia, and the mining rigs on Middlesbrough.

  • So far we haven't seen any Corsairs up here. Must be too far from wherever it is they're hiding out at. Probably Trafalgar, although our lads keep tabs on their comings and goings there. If it weren't for the Junkers being useful to move our Gold about, Trafalgar would be floating as scrap, not in scrap.

  • Mull is a fallback point for the Mollys in this system. Holding Belfast and it's production facilities is nice, but realistically, if the Armed Forces move against us now, we'll have no choice but to fall back a bit. There's just no way for us to muscle off a capital fleet like the ones they can manage. Unless we get ourselves one to defend that station.

  • The Outcasts are taking the brunt of the Gallic sorties into Newcastle up north. Gallia is probing the Bretonian defenses across the system, and most of 'em are using a Jump Hole to Tau-31 to get here. Others are sneaking in through Dundee. Nuts if you ask me, it'll take more than a few fighters to put a dent in the Armed Forces here.

Foyle Shipyard
  • Have you heard the latest news? Some of the boys 'ere seem to be working on a couple new prototype weapons. Said they'll fire faster and more powerful than any other Molly plasma gun. Sure would like to keep that handy on me!

  • Never be caught in Molly space without a drink on-hand... At least, that's what my mum used to say. Well, until she passed away from one to many drinks.. Oh mumsy! Why'd ya have to go! WHY!?

Garvagh Base
  • After a long day of mining, it's good to just sit back, relax, and have a drink. Aye?

  • Sure hope our boys out in the field don't work too hard. They need to reserve some energy, just in case some 'Sair shows up out of no where.

  • Oi! Hey you! Guess what? I figured out the secret to success in any fight! Grey'ound... wait for it... wait for it... WITH A MINI RAZOR! Oh ya. No 'sair is gonna mess with me when I've got that at my side!

  • Rocks, rocks, and more rocks. Sometimes it gets old looking at rocks... rocks... and more rocks... Saaaayyy.. You wouldn't happen to have any rocks, would you?

  • Sairs at our right, Gallia knocking on our door, uneasy relations with the Armed Forces. Looks like we're going to have a hell of a gunfight.

  • Rocks, asteroids. Same thing. Just yesterday I got in an arguement about whether to call rocks, asteroids. Or.. was it the other way around?

  • You know what I like better than shooting 'sairs? Shooting those Gallic guys that think they can just waltz into Bretonia like it's a piece of cake. Here's what I say to that, my mini razor in your face! Hah!

  • Some say that we won't pull through. That we won't be able to handle two nations at once. Well we'll just have to see about that.

Planet New London, Landing Site
  • I dropped a load of gold off here in the middle of the day, nobody seemed to care why the crates had BMM logos on them or why they were half charred.

  • Patrolling around the New London was always my dream job as a boy, as one of the constables. I do patrol around New London, just not in the same capacity if you know what I mean.

  • I only come here to look for potential new recruits. Times are tough and that is when you get the most recruits, especially on the growing Leeds crowd here.

  • Taxes, fees, permits, fines, and custom duties: people always complain that they keep going up. Well, I stopped complaining and started ignoring them all.

  • I once saw an Outcast and a Corsair lock eyes for an entire hour, you could hear a pin drop.

  • I never understood why New Londoners complained about the rain. I am from Leeds and what came out of the sky could not be better than rain.

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