Abbot Grey

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Abbot Grey
Abbot Grey1.jpg
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Occupation Police Officer
Affiliation Liberty Police Incorporated
Years of service to LPI 816 A.S. - Present
Rank Recruit Officer
Born July 31 792 A.S., Planet Pittsburgh (Age 25)

Abbot Grey is a Recruit Officer with Liberty Police Incorporated currently assigned to the California Division and posted aboard Riverside Station.


Born to a middle income family in 792 A.S, Abbot grew up the middle son of an Interspace Commerce mechanic named Douglas Grey. His mother was executive assistant with Ageira Technologies. Having a small family whose meager livelihood was tied to the success of the "big 3", Abbot grew up with a firm understanding of why this structure was important to the lives of citizens of Liberty everywhere.

He knew very early that he wanted to become a police officer and contribute to the Liberty way of life. Lacking the benefit of any financial standing he enrolled in Planet Pittsburgh Community College at age 18. Abbot graduated Summa Cum Laude in 813 A.S with a degree in Criminal Justice and was immediate offered a full scholarship to Manhattan University where he completed his M.B..A in 816 A.S. Upon graduation he enrolled and was accepted into the LPI Academy. After Academy graduation Abbot was assigned to LPI's California Division for probationary evaluation.

Current Status

Recruit Officer Grey currently pilots a LZF-9805 Liberty Light Fighter and is hopeful that after his probationary period ends he will be installed as a full fledged LPI Officer.

His current ship transponder reads: LPI-Abbot.Grey[RO]

Liberty Police Incorporated Service Record