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Hamburg System

Hamburg was the second Planet and Systemthat was colonized by the people of the Rheinland in 89 AS; just two years after discovering by Joachim Schiller. The system grows fast and become a prospery world thanks to the rheinic industry fired by Republican on Alster Shipyard and Kruger on Wedel Mining Facility. But this golden time area ended very fast in the year 680 AS. Rheinland's econmy was broken caused by the defaet against the GMG in the 80 Years War. The state's debts very high and Liberty wanted its money back so billion of people lost their job and each system of Rheinland were damaged on their own; so also Hamburg. Hamburg was one of the few systems of Rheinland that got money on the war because of the military facilities on Alster Shipyard that built the Oder, Bayern & Donau Military ships for the imperial navy. The war's end created a huge halt to each econmy in Rheinland, but the (military) ship builder were hit mostly. 30% of the Hamburgian people lost their job a day. In the following years of the Popular Revolution Hamburg has taken another route. In Dresden and Stuttgart the people formed to radical comunistic and/or isolanistic behavior while Hamburg stays on the old imperial political order and formed the Unioners to reetablished the Rheinic Empire, but like the Hessians the Unioners have not been able to stop the new democratic way of Rheinland that formed the Bundesrepublik we all know today. But Hamburgs ecomey has never healed completly since the 80 years war. Under Kanzler Rheinhardt Hamburg was stabiliced but not healed. Today Hamburg is mostly known for his winter sport area, its medicine industry and the civilian shipbuild process on Alster.

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Planet Hamburg
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Planet Kiel
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Planet Hannover

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Areas of Interest

Asteroid Fields


Small rock asteroid field. Commercial surveys have detected no mineral resources of value. Sometimes terrorists will hide here though making it a pretty decent hunting ground.


Medium rock asteroid field. The field has no legitimate commercial use, but it has become a haven for Unioner terrorists who commit frequent strikes against traffic around Altona Station and the adjoining Trade Lanes.


Small rock asteroid field. Its lack of any resources left it virtually ignored until Vierlande Prison was constructed close by. Now "the Sud" is used by Red Hessians, Unioners, and even Bundschuh to launch attacks against prison convoys and Vierlande itself in an effort to free their captive comrades.


The Alsterfeld is a favourite stomping ground for many of Rheinland's terrorists. Unioners and Bundschuh can be seen all throughout the field. Unioner attacks from the field are so frequent that some venture to guess that the old Wedel Mining Facility, an abandoned Kruger base once infested with squatters, has been repurposed by the radicals. The field is also a favourite of smugglers and Junkers, who frequently depart the trade lane midway between Alster Shipyards and Hamburg, heading straight into the field. This lends even more credence to the notion that the Alsterfeld is no longer a simple asteroid field, but a terrorist staging ground. The military claims that there is a jump hole within the field, used by the Bundschuh and Unioners to travel rapidly across. At least, that is their reasoning behind the recent surge of activity within the two systems.

Jump Gates/Holes