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Origin Kusari
Affiliation Golden Chrysanthemums (former), Renzu (former), Kusari Naval Forces (de-facto)
Born Several Thousand Years Before Sirius
Died Immortal

Ame-no-Uzume (or Ame-chan as she is commonly known), is a Predatory goddess who was driven mad by the machinations of an unknown entity, and sent to Sirius as a biological weapon. While her physical form and original ship have long since departed Sirius, she seems to return every now and then in a dream-like state to wreak havoc.

She is often known (and feared) for her aggressive, and often insane behavior. She is fiercely territorial, violent, and controlling, and is generally best avoided or placated with candy and 'shiny things'. She holds a De-facto commission in the Kusari Naval Forces, as it is rightly feared what would happen were it to be removed.

She can typically be found in Kusari, generally near her former stomping grounds in Planet New Tokyo orbit, or on Roppongi Station.

Behavior & Characteristics

Ame is a Predator and a Killing Machine. As a goddess, she formerly required only worship from the faithful in order to survive, but as the results of her corruption and madness, this has changed. She has shown to be cannibalistic and aggressive when dealing with individuals she perceives as 'food'. She has a very small body and large head, but a powerful leap and sharp AmeTeeth. She can easily leap from unexpected directions and will typically go straight for the head and neck on most foes in close combat. Due to her divine nature, she cannot be killed or even really harmed. However, her madness means she can usually be outsmarted or distracted long enough to escape. While certain powerful magical spells or incantations can possibly slow her down, they are beyond the realm of any Sirius organization.

In space, she flies what appears to be a Kusari Destroyer. In reality, the vessel is a figment of Ame's imagination, as she no longer truely 'exists' in Sirius. Mechanically, the vessel is in no way different than any other, and is identical to her previous Ame-Yacht. It can be damaged realistically, but on destruction, it, as well as Ame, will enter a dormancy period until Ame falls asleep again, whereupon it will reform. It is considered an apparition, or 'ghost ship', although Ame's behavior is relatively overt as to make this difficult to conclude to the casual observer.

Beyond feeding, Ame is fiercely territorial, assertive, and possessive. She will attempt to take control of any situation she is in, bully anyone she perceives as an 'ally' into doing her bidding, and loudly proclaim sovereignty over anything she perceives to be her territory. Attempting to argue with her will typically result in a loud retort, or an equally loud pout. However, she typically remains within the bounds of her prior occupation as a Kusari Naval Officer, but acts autonomously. Combined Fleet have concluded that attempting to remove Ame's rank would result in an unnessescary bloodbath, and that she is more useful as a weapon. She primarily targets Golden Chrysanthemums, her favorite food, and will harass them constantly until becoming bored or being defeated in combat.

Finally, due to the actions of one Malaclypse-666, it is unwise to mention the word 'Cabbage' within earshot of Ame. Do so at your own peril.


Due to apparent damage to the speech center of her brain, Ame has adopted a rather ad-hoc (she would claim 'superior') method of "AmeSpeak". It should be noted that attempting to imitate her or bring her grammatical fallacies to her attention will likely result in violence.

Typically she speaks in simplified talk, using unusual conjunctions, missing verbs or pronouns, or adding her name into any noun. She usually refers to herself in the third person. And may also YELL at RANDOM TIMES for emphasis, or simply to make a lot of noise. She may also simply babble inanely at points when she hits a linguistic speed-bump and is unable to properly express herself.


While her madness clouds her judgement, do not be fooled. Ame's mind may have decayed, but she displays a certain animal cunning and is prone to occasional bouts of sheer brilliance. While at other times she may seem completely lost with a situation, or otherwise dumb. It may be she simply becomes 'smart' and 'dumb' at different times, for different reasons.

Close observation of her speech and actions will typically yield the result, but it must be forewarned that Ame will likely become violent if her intellect is questioned. Furthermore, her ability for making tactical decisions and directing violence should not be underestimated.

Origin & History

The exact circumstances surrounding Uzume's implicit corruption are still unknown, as it can be assumed to have happened many thousands of years prior to the current era. According to information released by the Consortium, Ame was sent to Sirius as a type of Archano-biological Weapon, for unknown reasons. Ultimately, she escaped control, and began flying aimlessly around Sirius. Her inexact disposition at the time seems to indicate she retained a degree of her former self, though this began to wane as time passed, and she became ever more insane and fearsome.

She was discovered and hired by Renzu CEO, Ayane Matsamura, who gave Ame her current nickname due to her apparent love of candy (and not understanding her true nature). Once Ame was released from the hospital, she was offered a Job with Renzu as a sales representative and given an Anki freighter. Over time, Ame gradually became more aggressive and crazy, however this helped her sales career significantly. The 'Crazy Cabbage Lady' selling millions of credits worth of Renzu hardware.

During one bout of trading in New Tokyo, she rescued a Kusari State Police pilot named Izeki Akimasa from Blood Dragon attackers. 'Izeki-cabbage' and Ame soon became fast friends and affectionate toward one another, with the latter enjoying the occasional fear and disdain instilled in the other by her actions. Izeki and Ame eventually became roomates (on weekends only), and have been on several dates. The exact disposition of Akimasa is unknown, and it is presumed he was eaten when Ame tired of him.

Shortly thereafter, Ame was greeted by Emperor Jien Kogen himself, and quickly became his 'right hand man'. The Emperor realized Ame's potential as a weapon against the enemies of Kusari and encouraged her aggression in his name. While Ame seems to have been, at the time, fond of the Emperor, this fondness has since worn off. She currently considers the Emperor to be 'food', and would likely attempt to devour him and usurp the throne, abusing her heavenly authority to do so.

Ame's arch nemesis is KNF officer Hajime Hirohito, who's ire was gained after Ame was implicated in allowing several GC pilots to escape (infact, Ame was attempting to con said GC into doing her bidding). This lead to a confrontation in which Hirohito promised to oust Ame from her apartment on Roppongi and have her exiled from Kusari. Ame was not pleased, and was defiant, citing the fact that "Emperor-san likes me more then you! BAKA!" Since then, the long-standing feud between the two has simmered on.

More recently, in the absence of Ayane Matsamura (who was presumably devoured by Ame, upon her getting a taste for human flesh), Ame unwittingly sold her shares of Renzu corperation stock (Approximately 90% of the company, the paper slips of which she had folded into Origami cranes) to Independent Neuralnet Division president Otis Jethrow (A.k.a. Crusty-san), in return for efficient money to allow her to purchase a Kusari Destroyer. The Imperial ministry, not wishing to garner Ame's wrath, quickly agreed to allow her one (sans a crew), which Ame dubbed her 'Yacht', thus making her about as Dangerous as Mon'Star. Since then, Ame has been continually abducting new 'AmeSlaves' to attempt to run her Destroyer.

Other notable achievements include her single-handed near destruction of the Battleship Ishiyamadera, invasion of Dublin, and capture of a Consortium escape pod (one of the first to be recovered intact, later destroyed by the AFA, as well as an incident wherein she utterly slaughtered a large number of Blood Dragons. She currently mainly seeks to reclaim Tekagi's Arch, which she considers to be her own. She has thus far been held at bay by the Aoi Iseijin forces currently occupying the Arch.

Other Activities

Ame-chan had recently become agitated and bored with life in Sirius, and used her latent Ame-powers to open a portal between universes and went to Gensokyo, a fantasy kitchen sink in a parallel universe in modern Japan. It is belived that Ironwatsas may have traveled there as well.

The only communications she has made back to Sirius (some of Gensokyo's residents have magical reality-warping powers) indicate that Ame hates everyone and everything in Sirius, enjoys her new home, and may well be preparing weapons of mass destruction to destroy Sirius outright.

Individual Diplomacy

Faction Relationship
Noodle Box
Izeki Cabbage
At War
Discovery in General
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Known Ships

    • [Renzu]Ame-no-Uzume: Anki (fate unknown)
    • IKN|Ame-Chan's.Yacht Kusari Destroyer (crashed in Gensokyo and salvaged by it's residents. It's surviving superstructure has been converted into a shrine of sorts)
    • "Ame-chan" Illusionary Kusari Destroyer (a physical manifestation of her original yacht. Identical to the former.)