Augustin-L. Joule

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Augustin-Louis Joule
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Affiliation The Order
The time of service in the Order Primary fleet 813 A.S. - Today
Rank Captain
Born April 17 782 A.S., Planet Cambridge (Age 36)

Augustin-Louis Joule was born on 17'th of April, 782 A.S. He is former retired Lieutenant Commander of Bretonia Armed Forces. He is ambitious man, who sometimes stated tasks above his level of capabilities, but this time has affected him very strong and he decided to join force, which would be much more important than serving for protection of Queen of Bretonia. He believed his skills of fighting will help this force saving whole galaxy. Almost one thing that he believes in is 'greater good', regardless whether it will be easy, or tough duty. Those attributes helped him to get into honorable faction, The Order.

Young Joule on flight course. Leeds, 797 A.S.

Carina, Regina, Imperatrix

..."Good work, lieutenant Joule" - said Admiral Benford. "For the Queen! For the Imperatrix!"...

I was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. That was a great day in my life. I really felt happiness, all my 'majority' in Armed Forces. Though, my talent to command wasn't lost. That inspired me even more to continue my service for Queen's protection and sake.

"Personal journal, January 2. New age, 800 A.S. LtCdr. Joule"

I felt a disturbance in Armed Forces High Command. Pressure was increasing, my talent still couldn't do much of overall potential, orders have been given to spread out through all Bretonia borders. Seemingly, it should be something about major pirate attack, or something similar. But suddenly chains were broken. This pressure on us wasn't from fairy tales, as I suspected. Something(or someones), called 'Nomads', was already attacking several houses. These were all others, except of Bretiona. So we are here, and we must defend Her Majesty, this is our task. But obviously, Her Majesty is in safety, so our secondary objective is to defeat anything that threatens Bretonia.

"ShipLog, February, 17. 800 A.S. LtCdr. Joule"

This continued for two weeks, but still no hostile contacts reported in Bretonia. I was... ambitious man. These circumstances allowed me to raise my true potential. Simulations were insufficient. To be honest, I wanted real action(That is my temperament, isn't it?) My plan of escape was completed in two hours. It was purely simplified, when Admiral Benford ordered us to scout Northumberland Ice Cloud, Newcastle. (Newcastle was pretty new system in Bretonia, though, the explorers and scientists have already claimed it as ours.) This was a pretty big cloud with wrecks underneath, and we can lose everyone who will have a course-plot error. I made my 'error' spontaneously. It was not too hard, but not easy too, because every pilot of Armed Forces counts as ten of them, especially, the ardent ones. Others will start search operation immediately. So, if we sum it up, I was all alone in Newcastle field, the sun was high above me, scanners were turned off because of their energy emission.

"ShipLog, March, 2. 800 A.S. Retired LtCdr. Joule"

Unknown source snapshot: Ship.jpg

Flight to the allies and adventures

The world was getting worse with every moment. From almost every transmission you can hear about these 'Nomads'. Distress calls about hostile contacts were everywhere. I had not much things to do, but main objective was to escape Newcastle unseen. This was tough objective, but I somehow managed to do that (patrols to Newcastle were ceased). From this moment, I really didn't know what to do. The closest attacked house to us was Liberty. I have ran there. Now that I was all alone, and there weren't any tensions with Liberty, I made it to New York, the main system of Liberty.

When I've got there, it was pretty calm. No fights, no wrecks, there wasn't even a smell of chaos! I was a little bit confused, but it was really strange. But only difference from normal conditions was more recent patrols of Liberty Navy. I landed on Manhattan to get drink in a bar. This was the only place where Liberty Ale is sold. After a good night in my rented apartments, I exchanged my ship for civilian one, that was the only way to hide completely.

For three long months since March, 800 A.S. I was living on Manhattan, until someday one friend told me about dangerous pirates of Liberty. He called it... eh... 'The Order'. My sense of curiosity told me to gather more information about it, and what I've found was quite impressive. Despite that there wasn't much available information about 'The Order' this briefly description affected me well enough. I quickly gathered all my goods and flew out of Manhattan low orbit.

My civilian ship, I must admit, served me well. It wasn't remarkable and in hands of good pilot it was unseen and extremely agile. Thus, I made it to Battleship Missouri, where my friend advised to start from. After some time, I saw Liberty Navy patrol.

"Incoming transmission..."

"Subject ID: Officer 'Tom Window', Liberty Navy patrol Gamma 6" "State your business here, civilian ship"

"Awaiting for my... friend" - I replied. My mind was shaded by thoughts about 'greater good', that's why I haven't found anything more to say.

"You are advised to stay out of secured zone near Baltimore Shipyard and guarded Zone-21."

"Roger that, sir. Cruise engines engaged."

After our dialogue I decided to move to Texas system, because what I actually thought about this 'Zone-21' with high possibility was that minefield next to Missouri. After I tricked Navy patrol I continued my path to minefield. But unfortunately, it was closed minefield. But, luckily, my long-range scanners spotted a Navy ship, moving from minefield. My energy fluctuations were lowed to a minimum and he haven't spotted me. That was a real luck. I decided not to stop and think about it, I continued to same position where did he came from. Indeed, there was a passage to jump gate. I was fearing about every my step in Zone-21, but despite officer's words, there was nothing except of 2 Weapon Platforms. My ship sneaked between WP's and initiated docking procedure. This is where my meeting with Order agents begins from.

Recruiting and service to The Order

When I arrived into Alaska, I was surprised. Two unknown ships were surrounded by 5 Liberty Naval ships in 6k from Jump Gate. Liberty officer contacted me at once:

"Incoming transmission..."

'Civilian ship, this is classified Navy operation and restricted space. Turn back at once or you will be destroyed!'

Logically, these unknown ships could be Order ships, because Nomads are aliens, and unknown ship's structure wasn't somewhat alien. So, I decided not to move (to confuse navy and let unknown ships consequently have a chance to break off). They have repeated three times to me. After that, the battle has begun.

Battle was tough to me. My ship couldn't match navy ships, but Order ships... it was something. I've never seen such fighting skills before. Ever. With corresponding ship loadout, they could just vaporize everything equal-sized. When it was over, Order pilot contacted me.

"Thanks for assistance, civilian, but what are you doing here?"

"I am here to join you, sir"

"You want to join The Order, hmm... Alright, come with us. We need handy pilots."

"Thanks, sir!"

After that dialogue I harshly engaged my cruise engines and start moving behind them.

While I was formed on them I've detected energy fluctuations. That was a Jump Hole, but it was quite unstable. My thoughts were interrupted:

"Follow us, civilian."

"Roger. Jumping procedures initialized..."

... "Jump complete."

"Follow us, we are taking you to our home, Planet Toledo."

I never heard of it before. I was expecting somewhat settled cities, but it was nothing more than a bunch of research stations and outposts.

On the station I was introduced to other pilots. I was assigned to recruitment officer Bane, and we launched up to Toledo high orbit for some training. He was an elite pilot, my skills couldn't match his. I couldn't even lock him with my guns while he got off my all my shield capacitor without breaking a sweat.

After training, we met in a bar

"You are a perspective guy, we will think about your joining to Primary fleet. For now, you will fly in secondary fleet as an Order agent."

"Oh thank you, sir!"

I was satisfied by my little victory, so after that I took some rest.

Operation 'Black Widow'.

Augustin after operation 'Black Widow', Battleship Isis.

By the time I served to The Order in Nomad War, we weren't sitting on place. We did tons of special operations and simple operations, but operation 'Black Widow' was the one, about which I shall remember all my life.