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The Order
Origin Flag-liberty.png Republic of Liberty
Alignment Quasi Lawful
Date of founding 790 - 800 A.S A.S.
Founder(s) Casper Orillion
Current leader(s) The Order Overwatch, Current F.A: Michal Golanski
Base of operations Planet Akabat, Omicron Mu
Primary role
Protecting humanity against the ever present K'Hara threat.
Secondary role
Elimination of infected personnel among House Governments.
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Order Logo.png Description


The Order is a paramilitary organization dedicated to the defeat of the Nomads within Sirius. The organization was formed by was founded by one of the last uninfected members of the otherwise unrelated Order of Cincinnatus, a man named Casper Orillion. Orillion founded The Order after it became apparent that the majority of his colleagues and superiors within the Order of Cincinnatus were infected and planning to destroy humanity.

After the temporary defeat of the Nomads at the end of the Nomad War, Orillion commanded The Order for some time, before disappearing from known space. In the absence of the founder, the Order High Command was set up to be the leadership body of The Order.

Over time, and with a lot of care, the organization grew tremendously, having eyes and ears in every corner of Sirius. The Order Primary Fleet is dedicated to the defense of Order territories, the destruction of all alien factions (Das Wilde, Slomon K'Hara, The Phantom Empire) and the protection of Liberty from aliens.

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Order Logo.png Historical Information

The Order that we know of today was originally part of the Order of Cincinnatus Citation required (founded in 28 A.S.), a secret branch of the Liberty government that was originally created to research the Alien Artifacts found on Planet Manhattan and also establish a dictatorship over the Liberty Republic if and only if its survival was threatened. Once the threat had passed, the Order of Cincinnatus would retreat back into the shadows.

During the Nomad War, most of the Order of Cincinnatus was infected by the Nomads, except for Casper Orillion, one of the Order of Cincinnatus members who worked on the construction of the Osiris Prototype Battleship. When Orillion realized that the rest of the Order of Cincinnatus had been infected and that he was their next target, he fled to Planet Toledo in the Omicron Minor System with the Osiris Prototype. Afterwards, he founded the Order that we know of today and began gathering supporters and constructing the base on Planet Toledo.

In 800 A.S, the defenders of a supposed extinct species known to humans as the “Nomads”, invade first the Rheinland house, and infest the leaders of the government. On a diplomatic envoy to visit the President of Liberty, the Rheinland diplomat is killed by a group of terrorists known only as “The Order”. After this event, Order agents are seenthroughout serious committing what may seem to be terrorist acts. However their true targets are the attackers to humanity, the Nomads. The alien species has the capability to infect a human and presume control over its body. The plan; to turn the houses of Sirius against each other in order so that an attack by the Nomads can be successful. However in 801 A.S, the Order successfully manages to drive the Nomads back through an ancient jump gate they discovered, and since that day on, the Order has kept the aliens at bay and are ready defenders for all of humanity.”

While Orillion ruled the Order, which was in essence, fairly small at the time, a small wing of elite pilots led by Jonathan Pryde arose to fly high-risk and dangerous missions for the Order. Once the great leader of the Order, Casper Orillion, passed away, Pryde came into control and became Grand Admiral of the Order. Pryde’s group of elite fighters came into control of the Order and for ~15+ standard years, Black Squadron was ruling the Order, with only small amounts of Order members flying independently for specialized missions. Pryde passed down leaderships to a young man named Dustin Hoff, who commanded the Order for the most time out of any other leader. After his retirement, a rather quiet man, known only as “Helljumper” became leader. Helljumper however, ruled for the shortest amount of time, as he himself retired, leaving Adrian McKinley in command of the Order.

Planet Toledo, the main rally point of The Order.

This was 816 A.S.

By the year 816 A.S, the Order was no longer a small fleet controllable by one man. Members from all reaches of Sirius had joined, and the “fleet” expanded into the main body and various smaller forces. The Order had also discovered a new system within the Omicrons and declared it their home. Having established friendly relations with the Corsair and Zoner factions, as well as hostilities with the Liberty and Bounty Hunter factions, the Order became a larger body. Naturally, a power struggle began, as many believed no one man should be “supreme leader” of the Order. Seeing these tensions rising, Adrian McKinley resigned as leader of the Order, temporarily keeping the Organization without a head. Sius Malacos, McKinley’s second in command, took action, and along with 4 other highly qualified members of the Order, created the Order High Command. This High Command, compromised of 5 members, took the role of the Order’s leadership, as a more democratic form of government. While classified as a terrorist organization by the Liberty government, the Order has historically been regarded favorably by Rheinland, likely due to Rheinland's own problems with The Wild, and is considered neutral by Kusari and Bretonia.

Since it's inception, the Order has been based on Planet Toledo in the Omicron Minor system. During the Battle of Omicron Minor in the Nomad War this base was severely damaged by bombardment from a Slomon K'Hara fleet, but was later rebuilt and is now used by both Order pilots and allies alike as a supply base and safe haven.

The Order of Cincinnatus still exists even today though it has only met a handful of times. It is speculated that one of the early members of the Order of Cincinnatus was Atticus Rockford, an Alliance general who fought in the War of Sol and survived contact with the Nomads on the dark side of Dwarf Planet Pluto.

The first initiative this newly founded group engaged in was the creation of a “primary fleet”. This fleet would be the largest among the Order, and would be compromised of what was Black Squadron, as well as newer members who decided to join the fleet to do greater good. While smaller groups existed, the primary fleet was the bulk of the Order force, being the largest and most powerful fleet the Order had yet seen. The group operated out of Omicron 100, and was led by none other than Sius Malacos, the man who greatly helped in creating the Order High Command.”

Order Logo.png Ranking System

The Order is now compartmentalized into a cell-based structure. Different cells operate independently, with the Overwatch providing necessary overall direction.


The Overall heads of the organization.

Cell Directors

The heads of a house-based cell.

Agent Commanders

Operations and battlefield leaders, reporting to their Cell Directors.

Veteran Agents -

The experienced agents, trusted for field ops.

Low ranks -


Agent-in Training

Order Logo.png Current Roster

The Overwatch
Michal Golanski, "Constantine", Enrico Davids (141 Task Force)
Cell Directors
Jeremy Hunter (Liberty)
Agent Commanders
Anthony Wilson
Veteran Agents
Dan Moreton, Brian Scott, Jay Zito
Ray Stanz, Alexander Salmin, Hayato Kenshin, "HEL", Liara Grey, Nicholas Rogers, Ronald Greer
Agents in Training
Onius Flathstaw, Dave Vorpal, Cynthia Valence, Rebecca Blackburn, Jay Kenyon

Roster up to date as of 11.06.13 - Sol


Wolfpack98, Dboy, Ascendancy, Swisscorch, Ophidian, Tovig Kelt, Birdtalon,

List of Order leaders

---Order Primary Fleet---

  • Adrian McKinley - resigned (815-816)
  • “Helljumper” - resigned (815)
  • Dustin Hoff - resigned (804-815)
  • Jonathan Pryde - resigned (802-804)

---Black Squadron---


Faction Relationship
Blood Dragons
The Council
Rheinland Military
Everyone else
Bretonia Armed Forces
Liberty Police Incorporated
Liberty Navy
Liberty Security Force
Bounty Hunters Guild
At War
The Core
At War
At War
At War
Aoi Iseijin
At War
At War

Order Logo.png Tactical Information

The Order's Zone of Influence
  • Tactical movements are on a need to know basis.
  • Capital ships and gunboats are confined to command personnel only; Special circumstances excluded.

Order Logo.png Naming Convention

Naming conventions for Order craft are as follows;

Fighter & Bomber designation

  • Order|Firstname.Lastname
  • Order|Codename

Capital Ship designation

  • Order|CV-Shipname (Capital ships)
  • Order|AT-Shipname (Transportvessel)
  • Order|PV-Shipname (Prisonvessel)
  • Order|SV-Shipname (Supportvessel)

Order Logo.png Useful Links

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