Battlecruiser Akatsuki

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Battlecruiser Akatsuki
Komainu class Battlecruiser
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Flag-kusari.png KNF
F5, Tau-29
Technical Data
Docking bays CLASSIFIED

The Battlecruiser Akatsuki was one of the first Komainu class ships to enter the service of the Kusari Naval Forces fleet. As with all vessels of this new class, it initially suffered from prolific early design flaws. The political fallout from these technical issues was exacerbated by traditionalist staff officers who were ideologically opposed to any alteration to the KNF's capital ship doctrine. After one year of retrofitting and testing, it finally was considered fully combat-ready in 821 A.S. stationed in Kyushu as part of the Nagumo battlegroup.

When the Imperial forces made their desperate push into Kyushu in 823 AS, the Nagasaki and Nagumo fleets each demanded the surrender of the other. When the shooting started the crew of the Akatsuki outright refused the order to engage, being morally opposed to firing on their brethren. Instead they pulled back from the fight, prompting the outgunned Battleship Nagumo to retreat quickly thereafter, leaving the Imperial forces to secure the jump gate. Akatsuki, left behind, pledged its support to the Emperor and joined the Imperial Fleet. It is was then tasked with guarding Nago Station in a bid to prevent Kishiro from delivering materials to Kusari Republic territory while also serving as a launching point for patrols in the Taus.

With the end of the Kusari Civil War in 825 AS, the Akatsuki was reassigned from the Naval fleet to an asset of the Kempeitai, and sent into the Orkney system on a covert surveillance mission. Currently it holds position just beyond the Stronsay Asteroid Field, gathering vital intelligence on Gallic ship movements into the Tau-23 system.

This re-assignment in 827 AS led the Akatsuki and her crew to the Tau-29 system, being transferred back to the Naval Forces in the process. Her new task involves standing guard over Nago, one of most vital Hydrocarbon sources of Kusari’s economy, and to act as launchpad for various patrols assisting the local Keiretsu security wings or keeping a watchful eye on Kusari’s new neighbors; The Gallic Confederation in Tau-23 and the Crayter Republic in Tau-31.

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