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Orkney System

A relatic isolated system at the Tau's edge. It holds on of the 2 old known Jump Holes to Gallia In 817 the Council has broken trough the mine field that protects the gallic isolation with a huge fleet of Refugees from Languedoc on a search for a new home free from the Gallic Crown. The Gallic Royal Navy did not need much time to defeat the Council in Languedoc first and Orkney second. Just a few days later the Navy started the Second Tau War and used Orkney as their enterence and last stronghold. Today in 825 AS the navy has taken control over Bretonian Border and Core systems, but Alliance forces have risen in the Taus again. Especially Crayter, Outcasts and the Council keep on attacking Orkney and the Royal supply line to the front in Cortez, Magellan & New London.

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System Overview

Local factions
Planet Rousay.jpg
Planet Rousay
Planet Sanday.jpg
Planet Sanday
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Planet Egilsay
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Planet Eday

None known

Note: Orkney is known as Tunsia by citizens of Gallia.

Notable events

The Estate negotiated a recognized status with the Bretonian authorities, giving them acknowledged authority and influence within the system. Estate vessels are believed to be en-route to establish a more permanent base of operations.

On November 25 817 A.S., 1704 Manhattan time, a massive explosion was sighted by local Independent Miners Guild patrol in an old mine field. First it was thought that the explosion was an accident. Later, however, several consequent explosions followed. The explosions cleared a wide pass within the mine field that lead to a previously unknown jump hole. From the jump hole, a large fleet of unknown ships came through the passage between the mines and ventured into the clear area of Orkney. IMG first considered them to be unknown aliens and brought warships from Dounby Station in case their intentions were hostile. However, very soon IMG ships were contacted by the newcomers who identified themselves to be representatives of the lost French House, bearing the Latin name of Gallia.

In 818 AS, the Gallic Royal Navy took possession of the system during their invasion after defeating the Council forces.

Asteroid Fields

Westray Asteroid Field

Westray Asteroid Field

A large and mostly unexplored field of rock asteroids. Independent Miners have established a base on the outskirts of the field after the surveys showed presence of minor amounts of copper in the field's asteroids. A Gallic Brigands base, Dounby Station, is located within this field.

Stronsay Asteroid Field

Stronsay Asteroid Field

A medium sized field of planetary fragments that is used by IMG to extract certain valuable resources. Exact nature of their operations is unknown. A small Gaian base is rumored to be located within this field.

Artificial Formations

Orkney Mine Field

Orkney Mine Field


A large and dense mine field sealing access to the Languedoc Jump Hole.

Jump Gates/Holes