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Tau-23 is a crucial system between Bretonia, Kusari and now even Gallia. Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing established a base to exploit the resources in the system, but the Independent Miners Guild also established their own base. But now the station BMM established has been taken over by the Gallics. The Colonial Republic, despite not having their own base in Tau-23, have a sizable military and economic influence in Tau-23. This system has Outcast presence, who use it as entrance for their drugs smuggling into Kusari. Near the Indochine Outpost the presence of Gallic Royal Navy is growing up. The strong criminal presence and the continuous radiation make this system dangerous for the miners who work here and for the occasional travelers, unless they get on well with the Outcasts.

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Tau-23 Barrier Asteroid Field

A large rock asteroid field containing rich deposits of Niobium and Beryllium, it is the focus of Border World mining operations by both the IMG and BMM. Outcast activity is very high in the system, leading authorities to believe that it is astride a key Outcast smuggling route.

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