Cassius Zebro

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Cassius Zebro
Liberty Rogue
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Occupation Pirate
Gender Male
Height 186
Weight 84 kg
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Affiliation Liberty Rogues
Unlawful Alliance
Status Active
Born 798 A.S.

Cassius Zebro is a member of the Liberty Rogues, more specifically the Unlawful Alliance.


Zebro is the archetypical anarchist - violently opposed to any sort of rules, especially those of states and state authorities, and committed to doing what he wants at any given time. Even so, he isn't stupid, and will not knowingly risk capture or death.

Cassius knows that loyalty is fleeting, especially among pirates, but he is also determined not to be the one who betrays his friends.

As the son of a free trader, Zebro very rarely demands tribute from free traders, preferring to hit big corporate convoys. If a lone trader passes by while Zebro is waiting for a convoy, he usually lets them fly by without incident.

His hobbies include raiding, womanizing, drinking, and smoking cigars. His pet hates are being in crowds and wide open spaces.


Cassius Zebro - Zebro among friends - is a Liberty Rogue, and a rather dashing one. Considered handsome by most, his looks are matched only by his charms.

Zebro wears a red and black leather jacket and matching pants, and never go anywhere without a sidearm.


Early History

Cassius was born in space, onboard a freighter, the son of free traders. His parents were arrested for smuggling by the Kusari authorities when he was 15, and imprisoned.

After drifting for a few years, he fell in with the Liberty Rogues, and did odd jobs for them. Finally, when he turned 21, he was initiated as a Liberty Rogue.

Recent History

Shortly after his initiation, Zebro fell in with a man called Captain Javar, who persuaded him to join his group, the Unlawful Alliance, and helped him buy his first raider, dubbed the Larcenous Intent. Using the Larcenous Intent, Zebro raided trade lanes in New York, California and Colorado, both alone and alongside other Rogues.

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Known locations

Ships under Zebro's command

Larcenous Intent

Status: Operational; In service.

The Larcenous Intent, a Z-8500 "Bullmastiff", is Zebro's preferred vessel; strong enough to ignore most convoy escorts, and with enough cargo space to carry plenty of loot back to base.

Nefarious Intent

Status: Operational; In service.

The Nefarious Intent, a "Scylla"-class Destroyer, is Zebro's pride, but mostly sits at The Nonsense Factory, as there is rarely need for its firepower. It is mainly brought out when trouble (whether with with the law, corporate cronies, bounty hunters, or even other outlaws) is afoot. Occasionally, it is used for raids alongside one of the Pirate Trains owned by the Alliance.


Status: Operational; In service.

The Bloodlust is a Greyhound Very Heavy Fighter which Zebro uses when tasked with escort duty.