Buffalo Base

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Buffalo Base
Leviathan class Asteroid Base
Buffalo Base.png
RoguesLogo.png Liberty Rogues
7E, New York
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Limited
Population 760

The Rogues are a product of over two centuries of systematic lower-class cleansing that occurred on the Liberty Planets of Manhattan, Denver, and Los Angeles. Relocated to the Texas prison system, many of them end up planetside on Houston upon release. Some stayed straight and joined the population scratching out a living. The rest returned to their life of crime, often ending up vaporized by a pursuing Liberty police patrol or back in prison for longer stretches, manning the prison factories that are the economic lifeblood of the Texas system.

Some say the massive LPI roundups of even minor offenders in Liberty have more to do with staffing these plants cheaply than reducing crime. Fresh out of the incubator of the Texas prison system, they have limited choices. Either they work in the factories of Houston for a pittance, join the Bounty Hunters and hunt down their former brethren, go radical and hook up with the Xenos, or rejoin their former partners in crime. The latter path is the obvious one for most. Simply put, these are not-too-quick opportunists, people willing to do whatever it takes to make a buck and get by until tomorrow. Usually they end up taking the fall for anything illegal that occurs in Liberty, whether they were involved or not.

The Rogues were initially a disorganized lot, but over the last century have slowly evolved into quite a highly organised collection of criminals. They are responsible for most of the Trade Lane attacks in Liberty space and the adjacent Independent Worlds, usually operating in groups of three or more ships, utilising a variety of tactics that generally revolve around blasting their unsuspecting targets with overcharged laser weapons. They occasionally provide shelter for the Outcasts in exchange for Cardamine, but they are not averse to dealing in the artifacts trade either. The main Rogue ethos seems to be to make money however possible, regardless of how low or uncivilized their actions may be.

Buffalo Base is the original Liberty Rogue hideout, deep in the badlands of the New York system. Constructed in 672 A.S. by malcontents from Houston and Manhattan, it has served as the main operations centre for the Rogues across the entire of Liberty. With the authorities loathe to patrol or pursue suspects within the confines of the extremely dangerous Badlands, Buffalo Base is the safest criminal hideout in New York.

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