Cruiser Greifswald

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Cruiser Greifswald
Hel class Destroyer
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GaiansLogo.png Gaian
5C, Omega-3
Technical Data
Docking bays CLASSIFIED

The Greifswald is a rare example of a Hel Cruiser in continuous service ever since it was first launched. The ship was originally constructed at the Shipyard of Wolfsburg almost two decades ago. Its service under Hessian colours was short but intense, and numerous exchanges of fire with much stronger vessels of the Military soon left the cruiser scarred and unable to keep up with Hessians’ dangerous working environment. Its owners were unwilling to let the resources go waste, and as the ship accumulated damage that made it unsuitable for direct engagements, it was recalled to Wolfsburg Shipyard for a retrofit. It was decided to modify the cruiser into a staging platform, stripping some of its armour and heavy armaments in favour of hangar capabilities and point defence. As a result, the ship became a miniature Carrier, and the burden of its maintenance was then passed on to the Landwirtrechtbewegung, as a gesture of friendship.

Ever since the change of ownership, Greifswald filled a role very similar to its heavier counterpart, the Cruiser Schwarzwald, acting as a mobile firebase and a supply point for LWB and Hessian raiders in western Stuttgart. The ship remained fairly stationary for the coming years, only alternating between different locations within Westnebel to avoid detection by lawful forces.

The next decade was particularly stale for the vessel, with nothing but scarce maintenance at Wolfsburg breaking the monotony. This state of affairs lasted until the middle months of 824 A.S., not long after the brutal conquest of Saalburg. The loss of the outpost threw the already weak LWB leadership into disarray. With most local leaders overthrown, and no one capable of reuniting the squabbling subgroups, the movement inevitably became inert. Some members of the organisation decided to turn to their closest allies for help, however, the overly invasive “aid” provided by both Hessians and Unioners left little doubt. In the eyes of Greifswald’s crew, who were helplessly watching LWB crumble from afar, their former friends were now vultures, tearing the small organisation apart for their own selfish gains.

Unwilling to become pawns of neighbouring factions, the crew of the ship remained hidden within the nebula. Soon joined by a handful of like-minded Refugees from Darmstadt Depot, the Greifswald, now accompanied by a few transport vessels, remained idle as the last LWB members planned their next move. After a long and heated debate, they made a daring decision to enlist foreign help. With no one but the Gaians remaining sympathetic to their organisation, a contact was made with LWB’s bretonian partners. Bolstered by limited financial and tactical support of their new patrons, the “remnant fleet”, as some of its members began to call it, is now slowly sending out its small craft, scavenging for supplies and preparing to continue their fight for Stuttgart. Even in spite of the widespread doubt whether there’s anything left worth fighting for.

After the complete ideological erosion of the LWB, the Greifswald and its small fleet of sympathizers made their way through the Omega systems to meet with the Gaian movement. Now stationed in Omega-3, the Greifswald hides its signatures with the nearby Baxter anomaly in the hopes that Bretonian law enforcement would not detect them while they are this vulnerable. In exchange for this safe haven and maintainence provided by the Gaians from Torshavn, the Greifswald's hangar bays are now host to wings of Anacondas and Panthers. As much as a quarter of the ship is now staffed by their benefactors, who use the Greifswald to great effect as a staging area against Bretonian operations on Planet Sprague.

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