Torshavn Space Port

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Torshavn Space Port
Heinesen class Station
Torshavn Space Port.jpg
GaiansLogo.png Gaians
f6, Cambridge
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 200

The Torshavn Space Port is a relatively young Gaian base, being only a decade old. The Station was constructed thanks to significant amounts of support, both monetary and logistical, from Cambridge’s population of Gaian sympathisers. Unlike other Gaian installations, Torshavn was designed from ground up to be a large station, capable of filling the gap of a production facility Gaians so desperately needed. This unusually bold venture was made possible mostly due to the redeployment of Armed Forces’ assets to the northern front, as well as some influential contacts of the Green Front within the local Police forces.

With lawful interference being of little concern, the Gaians used some more sympathetic elements within the Green Front to acquire and smuggle station components into the Grasmere cloud. The components were assembled into a functioning installation, which was then towed into a different location by Gaians themselves, reducing the risk of its coordinates being leaked to the authorities.

Over the course of next few months, Torshavn was slowly fitted with smuggled and stolen equipment, turning from a dormant husk into a busy ship production facility. The station’s assembly lines were the birthplace of vast majority of Anaconda Fighters currently in use, and with the recent addition of a drydock, most Claymore gunships have at least one refit at Torshavn in their service records.

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Very Heavy Fighter
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