Dai Yoshihara

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Dai Yoshihara
Origin Flag-kusari.png Kusari
Affiliation Reaver Mercenary Company
Born April 30th, 794 A.S., Planet Kyushu
Died Still Alive


Personal Relations

Faction Relationship People
Kaze Dagon
Naomi Woods

Faction Diplomacy

Faction Relationship Factions
Reaver Mercenary Company
Everyone else
Contract Targets


794 A.S.

Born in the Suburbs of Kyushu City, Daijiro was raised into a relatively wealthy family. His Father Hiroto Yoshihara served in the Naval Forces, commanding a local Kyushu Gunboat wing. His Mother Asuka Yoshihara ran a locally owned grocery store, selling anything from Water to esteemed Kyushu Rice, and Ready-Meals. His early life and pre-school education was rather uneventful, like any normal Kyushu boy he played outside with friends and hadn't much other to do.

800 A.S.

At the age of 6, Dai begins his educational path through asteemed military schools and academies, with basic education and other subjects all tied it. His father had his life fully planned out and wanted Dai to follow his footsteps. Starting with a School for talented Boys who's goal it was to join the Naval Forces, Daijiro began his path towards his planned destiny in the Naval Forces.

810 A.S.

Daijiro is accepted into the Kyushu Academy of Military Science at age 16. He leaves home to live on Academy grounds, as was tradition for all freshmen. During his time at KAMS, Daijiro often visited his father at the nearby Naval Station. Seeing his sons great achievements and progress, Hiroto retires at the age of 47 and returns home to assist Asuka with the Store. During the off-times Dai has, he visits home, helping his aging parents with running the Store, taking inventory and making deliveries. He was well known throughout the neighborhood and over the years the store became one of the most visited in town. Dai was as proud of his parents achievement as they were of his, and alot more would come.

Dai shortly after Graduation from KAMS.

815 A.S.

At the age of 21, Dai graduates KAMS and is accepted into the Naval Forces as an Officer Candidate. He shows great dedication and honor in his work and is always up to date on his assignments and deadlines.

818 A.S.

During a Routine Escort mission for a foreign Ambassador, Daijiro's wing comes under attack by pirates. Leaving a few support craft for the Ambassadors Yacht, Dai and his wing men chase the aggressors and neutralize the threat. Upon return to the Yachts last known coordinates, they find the debris of the other wing men and the yacht. Daijiro is held accountable for the death of the Ambassador and is discharged from the Naval Forces and left master-less. His family is deeply dissapointed and breaks off contact for 6 months before they finally begin sporadic talks with him again.

819 A.S.

After spending the last year traveling Sirius, Dai worked anything he could find, leading him off his path of continued pursuit of his fathers path of a Honorary Career in the Naval forces. Working on the Gallic/Bretonian front, Dai receives a Lynx fighter from a grizzled Gallic Veteran for a contract he fulfills. At a later point during a discussion with a couple of Mercenary's in a Bar, Daijiro is points towards the Reaver Mercenary Company, where he decides to apply for employment. Upon acceptance he now works for the Reavers , trying to earn the esteemed "Color" status within the company.