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This is an NPC faction. For the affiliated player faction, see Mollys (player faction). For the rules for this particular faction, see Mollys ID.

Origin Flag-bretonia.png Kingdom of Bretonia
Alignment Unlawful
Date of founding unknown
Founder(s) unknown
Base of operations Arranmore Base, Dublin
Primary role
Liberating the Dublin system
Secondary role
Halting Corsair expansion

The Mollys are a separatist group committed to freeing the Dublin from Bretonian rule through attacks on civilian, commercial, and military targets. In recent years they have been increasingly successful in resisting local Corsairs expansion.



The Dublin system has been a hotspot of Bretonian industry for decades, mining huge amounts of gold from the asteroids that inhabit the system has made BMM untold riches. However the current situation, where BMM merely control Graves Station and the field it sits in is far from the dream that industrialists had for Dublin.

Discovered between 743 A.S. and 745 A.S., the Gold fields in Dublin triggered a gold rush akin to the ones on Earth. People from all over Bretonia, and further, came scrambling to the system, hoping to literally carve out their own fortune from the hoard's of rocks in the system. BMM took centre stage in the rush, establishing Graves Station as their primary base in the system and starting mining operations almost immediately.

Workers were initially paid fair wages but as the sheer number of potential workers increased dramatically as the rush picked up pace, their wages and work conditions were cut dramatically. Workers who had traversed the length of Bretonia to get to this fabled golden system found little to no work and were typically stuck in the system, without enough credits to buy their way home. BMM exploited this to great effect, mistreating workers as simple menial labour and paying them pittance for doing so. The work was dangerous and safety was a rare luxury. Most had no choice but to work for BMM, regardless of the conditions.

This changed on one fateful day.

The Founders Day Revolt in 752 AS. Overworked and underpaid workers took control of their mining stations, executing their overlords, and capturing a pair of mining ships. Rather than attempt to negotiate with the rebels, the BAF arrived in force with a large fleet, destroying the mining ship Endevour and pursuing the Glorious into a dense field, where the pursuers were routed by a series of large mines, set in preparation for the revolt.

The BAF and Bretonian government, incensed at the continuing existence of a revolting band of miners, sent the HMS-Hood, a Dunkirk class Battleship, from New London to restore order. This was the last straw for the loyal miners in the system. The entire mining population of the system declared their Independence, and began a long guerilla war against the oppressive and brutal government. The Hood was disabled by a huge mine. The BAF stripped and abandoned the ship, and the Independent Miners Guild took it over shortly after, establishing the only Freeport within House space.

The miners had come from all over Bretonia during the rush but there was a significant percentage that had common ancestry from the older Terra age. Many could identify links with the old nations and cultures of Ireland, Scotland and other 'Celtic' nations. Those that did not have the blood link were keen to adopt the cultural link that stressed a fight for independence against an oppressive regime.

Naming themselves the Mollys, they began a campaign to free Dublin from the control of Bretonia and their lackeys, the BMM.

Since the revolt, the Mollies have grown into a fierce group of terrorists and pirates, using attacks on commercial shipping and mining operations, civilian establishments, and BAF bases and convoys in their fight to gain independence.

Whilst their goal has always been to free Dublin, the Molly's recognised the need for gaining power in other ways so they could do such a thing. Using contacts throughout Bretonia and working with the Junkers and IMG, the Mollys explored several systems near Dublin. All but one were useless. This single system became known as Londonderry, named by the Molly's themselves.

After the initial expansion in the system, it has since become a desolate and barren system. It is used only for a safe place for ship construction, training and also a potential fall-back area if the worst should occur in Dublin.

The Londonderry System is considered a No-Fly zone for all BAF ships, and the Molly Asteroid Field, and Dublin in general, have become increasingly dangerous for the BAF and corsairs alike.

The Molly's have traditionally been adverse to other forces interfering in Dublin, the system they claim ownership of. Throughout their existance they have managed to hold them at bay and even keep them out of Dublin. However the Corsair Empire has recently been sending forces into the system, in the hope of claiming the gold fields for themselves and also removing a potential threat to their growing power. The Molly's have been successful in holding them back but they were dealt a blow when a Corsair force destroyed the surface of Cork. This concreted the growing tension between the two entities and has since become a rallying call for the Mollys against the Corsairs.

The Molly Republic has grown rapidly in the past few decades. From their humble origins in Dublin they have expanded throughout the system and into their new home of Londonderry. Huge fields of resources, or gold, were found in Londonderry and as such it has also been heavily developed. With multiple refineries now at their disposal and these massive supplies of resources, the Mollys have entered a new age of expansion. Whilst attacks on Bretonia increased after the initial formation of the Republic, more recent movements suggest a move for a diplomatic solution. If complete independence could be gained through diplomacy, the Mollys could focus their military elements on their nemesis, the Corsair Empire.


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