Daniel Haynes

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Daniel Arthur Haynes
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Kingdom of Bretonia
Affiliation Bretonian Armed Forces
Bretonian Armed Forces 816 - Present
Rank Admiral
Born 791 A.S., Planet Leeds (age 27)

Daniel Arthur Haynes is currently one of the youngest Admirals to ever serve Bretonia, as a part of the Emergency Board engineered by Admiral Roger Hans. While young, he has plenty of experience with the Bretonian bureaucracy and is well known for choosing decisive action rather than deliberation. His swift rise through the ranks and political activism has made him somewhat of a celebrity amongst the fighting men and women of Leeds, though many older figures view him as a dangerous upstart.


Early Years

Daniel Haynes was born into a middle-class family, and as such did not endure some of the horrors known to others growing up on Leeds. Compared to those around him, he grew up well, getting by in school by paying attention to details. As a perfectionist and young idealist, he occasionally got into trouble with school authorities; most notably, in late 800 A.S. he protested the Liberty-backed retooling of xenoarchaeology courses. When questioned about the writings he had applied to the walls with dried milk and glue, he claimed that the newer material painted a partisan image that likened artifact vendors to drug dealers and other dangerous criminals. Before the incident could be resolved, Daniel's parents had him transferred to a more liberal private school sponsored by the Green Front.

Early Adulthood

At age 17, Daniel took a tour of the Newcastle system through Orbital Spa and Cruise. As the transport went through the northern parts of the system, near Sunderland Research Station, he suffered a particularly vicious migraine. Since that time, he has been plagued by nightmares and insomnia. Though no observable medical reason for the change was found, he takes medications to achieve restful sleep. The following year, he entered the BMM School of Business on Leeds, majoring in file systems management. At age 20, he entered an internship with the Bretonian Armed Forces, working with the organization and storing of patrol reports. After graduating two years later in 813 A.S. with a triple degree in negotiations, logistics, and file systems management, Daniel was offered a job managing shipping schedules for BMM. However, at the outbreak of the Tau War, he turned down the offer and disappeared. Several weeks later, he arrived at a police station carrying enough evidence to arrest a member of the House of Lords leading local anti-war protests. Later that day, he took a job for the Bretonian Armed Forces managing patrol reports as an associate secretary, for less than half of what BMM had offered him.

Service as a Secretary

After three years of managing patrol reports and suggesting minor changes, Home Secretary Lord Anthony Grenville requested Daniel as a personal secretary, though the two had never met. During the events surrounding Das Wilde's quest for an artifact called the Sword in the Stone, Bretonian intelligence targeted Grenville for investigation after he ordered the Bretonian Armed Forces to completely abandon Cambridge and Omega-3 and focus instead on the Leeds front. Their investigation discovered him to be infested by a Nomad Incubus. After Grenville was captured and committed suicide while in custody, Daniel was arrested and interrogated extensively. A month later, he was released and cleared to return to his duties, but rather than resume work as a secretary he enlisted as an officer.

Rise through the ranks

Daniel's career as a soldier defies all norms. His first day in a Templar resulted in an encounter with quasi-divine beings calling themselves "Admins", along with a run-in with the then-fugitive Austin Goodman. Within two weeks he was promoted to Lieutenant for heroism in combat against the Kusari Naval Forces in defense of his home planet. He slowly climbed to the rank of Commander, showing great aptitude for managing the forces under his command, and during the emergency reforms started by Roger Hans received a series of lightning promotions taking him all the way to Admiral. Almost instantly after being promoted, he began a campaign of reorganizing supply lines and reducing the workload on the manual back-end workforce supporting the military. For his continual mindfulness of the working man, decisive action, and refusal to leave anyone behind, he is well loved by the grunt fighters and people of Leeds. However, his disregard for tradition and swift rise to prominence have caused serious concern from the House of Lords in particular, some of whom even worry he plans to usurp the government.

Political Views

Daniel Haynes is a very vocal member of the Leeds Worker Party, though unlike many others within the party he does not cry out about the 'evils' of the corporate structure. Rather, he stresses the importance of working conditions as a means to accomplish productivity, and urges the corporations to support their fellow Bretonians in this time of war with all resources they can spare.



  • [DSC]Distinguished Service Cross
  • [DFC]Distinguished Flying Cross
  • [GCA]Good Conduct Award