Dreadnought Basilica

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Dreadnought Basilica
Ranseur class Battleship
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Flag-outcasts.png Outcasts
7D, Coronado
Technical Data
Docking bays CLASSIFIED

With the Maltese economy relying heavily upon its trafficking through the Taus and into the Houses, the Outcasts felt they were faced with threat after threat that inhibited the former part of the journey. In every system, be it forces of the Royal Navy, Imperial Navy, Crayter Military, or Gallic Council, opposition was entrenched against them. Even non combatant organizations of the region, such as the Independent Miners Guild, Hogosha, Unione Corse, and on occasion the Gallic Metal Service, made efforts to impede the Maltese. As time went on, it seemed as if their runners, smugglers, and supply vessels alike became easy pickings for the many and rapidly increasing hostiles that they encounter. With news of Kirkwall falling to the Gaians, it became even more clear - a solution was needed.

As the first step of their plan to better secure their trade routes, the Outcasts needed to increase their direct presence in Tau space. They deployed increased patrols and dispatched veteran escorts for cargo vessels, but it still proved difficult with the gap between Malta and House territory, where they have allies to shelter them. The Basilica, a D5-2A Ranseur, was deployed to solidify their sphere of influence in the central Taus. Its mandate includes protecting valuable cargo en route to House space, guarding the slavers pushing for Malta, and launching raids against whoever leaves themselves vulnerable. Safeguarding the nation's economy by securing this route is critical, and the Outcasts must remind their enemies that they won't be pushed around.

Over time, the situation gradually improved, with pressure being removed from the Maltese trade. With the Basilica and her escorts, the Outcasts had an imposing presence within the crucial gateway system between Crayter space and the Maltese Nation, however, it was only a matter of time before its stabilizing of the Cardamine route would cause someone to take note. It was with this reasoning in mind that the Council of Dons decided that the Basilica would be best used pushing further ahead while the momentum was still on their side, and thus the order was given for the vessel to move into Baffin and further into Coronado, the heart of the Crayter Republic. On its way to Baffin, however, the Basilica intercepted a Crayter battlegroup led by the Carrier Helios. The ensuing battles saw the Crayter Republic lose their carrier, who had been unprepared to deal with the surprise assault. With another victory under its belt, the Basilica and her remaining fleet have taken up position in Coronado, signalling both to the Crayter Republic and any other group that would seek to undermine the Cardamine trade that the Maltese Nation would respond with the appropriate force.

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