Kirkwall Base

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Kirkwall Base
Adensay class Station
Kirkwall Base.png
GaiansLogo.png Gaians
E7, Orkney
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 210

Kirkwall is a small installation built by Outcasts in 805 A.S. inside a large asteroid field. While the once-remote Orkney system is not a part of any Cardamine routes, and is not within the scope of Outcasts' economical interests, Outcast leaders wanted to have a permanent base in the system to keep an eye on the mysterious mine field, not unlike the one located in the Omicron Tau system.

When the Council broke through the minefield and revealed the existance of Gallia, Kirkwall became that much more important. The potential for distributing Cardamine to Gallia was not lost on the Outcasts. However, as most of those shipments were soon routed through Genoa, Kirkwall's importance diminished considerably, to the point of a large part of the local garrison being transferred to Cali Base, which suddenly found itself locked between Royal Navy patrols, IMG operations, Council patrols, and Crayterian raiders.

Sensing the opportunity, the Gaians of Edinburgh and Tau-31 organised a small strike force, consisting of a number of Fighters escorting a single troop Transport. The force took a long and perilous route through deeper Tau systems and surprised Kirkwall's defenders by approaching from the direction of Tau-23 Jump Hole. The battle cost both sides heavily, as Outcast pilots stationed on the base fought the more numerous Gaian attackers to the last ship. The Gaian boarding party had more luck than their spacefaring brethen, but took a long time clearing the outpost's interior of resistance. Some of the Outcast personel surrendered, and were allowed to leave on one of the few intact ships left in the hangar. Once the base was fully under Gaian control, it underwent several thorough decontamination procedures.

The base is now used by the Gaians as a resupply platform for raiders operating in the upper region of the Tau systems. With Fort Albi locking down the Edinburgh Jump Hole, the base's inhabitants are forced to rely on smugglers from Freeport 6 to get by, as well as whatever stolen goods the local pilots manage to haul back from raids.

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Light Fighter
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Very Heavy Fighter