EVO B12 "Pytho" Crayter Bomber

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EVO B12 "Pytho" Colonial Bomber
Col bomber.png
Ship Class Bomber
Built by Crayter Military
Technical information
Guns/Turrets 6 / 0
Opt. weapon class 3
Max. weapon class 3
Other equipment
Hull strength 20,000
Max. shield class 10
Cargo space 100 units
Nanobots/Batteries 100/100
Max. impulse speed 80 m/s
Max. thrust speed 199 m/s
Max. cruise speed 350 m/s
Power output 45,390 u
Power recharge 1,722 u/s
Additional information
Ship price $6,300,000
Package price $6,418,880

The pearl of Crayter engineering, the Pytho is the most powerful small ship the fleet can offer. Having the Nyx fighter at its roots, this ship received a bigger powerplant and more powerful weapons in an attempt to fight back the Outcast and Gallic Capital Ships. The small front and side profiles make this bomber one of the best assault weapons the Republic knows.


Review (4.88)

Pytho is a very special Light bomber. The reason for that is having huge Armor, bigger than some Medium bombers. That's Pytho's biggest pro. Gun placement is relatively good, and the agility is okay. Size could be better but it's slim when jousting and from the sides. However, being vulnerable from bottom and top aswell as having a terrible Snac placement it's all in all a pretty balanced bomber.

Pros: Huge armor, Gun placement

Cons: Snac placement

Rating; 7/10

Flavorarrow2.jpg Review by Antonio


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