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Tau-29 System

Once Tau-29 was just another of the Tau systems, primarily populated by Kusari citizens, with presence of Outcasts and the Colonial Remnant. Not long ago the Kusari Exiles entered the system from Roussillon to get home. But Kusari had changed and Kusari Naval Exiles Forces were not welcomed. Soon the Exiles - now calling themself the Imperial Kusari Navy - attacked the local Kusari Naval Forces ships and have taken the controll over all Tau 29 and started to invade the Kyushu system.

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Asteroid Fields

Freeport 6 Ice asteroid field

Freeport 6 Ice crystal field

A medium-sized filed of water ice. Freeport 6 is located in the heart of the field, along the leg of the trade lane leading to Tau-31 jump gate. Open to anyone and everyone, Freeport 6 has become a frequent stop on cargo runs between Kusari and Bretonia.

Nago Hydrocarbon Asteroid Field

Nago Hydrocarbon Asteroid Field

A large field of asteroids rich in hydrocarbons. After a Kusari research expedition stumbled onto the system and its abundant resources, a joint construction project between Bretonia and Kusari opened the system to exploitation. Kishiro immediatley established Nago Station along the trade route to the Kyushu Jump Gate for the express purpose of mining the field and manufacturing Polymers, a vital component in their optical chips.

Oxygen Asteroid Field

Oxygen Asteroid Field

A medium-sized field of frozen oxygen. Highly combustible, pilots are cautioned to take care when navigating the field to avoid igniting an explosion. Despite the danger, substantial Outcast activity has been observed in this field.

Samura Ice Asteroid Field

Samura Ice Asteroid Field

A medium-sized field of Ammonia and Methane, Samura constructed Shinkaku Station nearby, providing it with easy access to not only the ammonia and methane vital to their fertilizer production, but also Oxygen and Water from the other ice fields in close proximity. Samura has recently increased security to repulse attacks by the normally non-confrontational Outcasts.

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