Emil Meier

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Emil Meier
Origin Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Affiliation Red Hessian Army
Rank Gefreiter Rha-rank-gefreiter.png
Born 800 A.S., Planet Hamburg
Hamburg System, Emil Meier was born on Planet Hamburg in 800 A.S.


Emil is an unexperienced but adaptive young man from Planet Hamburg, who decided to sacrifice his life for a bigger cause, for the Rheinland people.

Curriculum Vitae

Chapter I - Growing up

Hamburg Planet

Emil was born and raised on Hamburg Planet. He grew up in one of the countless slums around Hamburg Planet's main spaceport. His parents made it possible for him to achieve at least an average school education at a public school. As he was an adaptive young man, it was sad the his family couldn't pay for a further education. That was not the first time he felt treated unfair and slowly started questioning his whole situation, the life of his family and friends.

Chapter II - The Job

The CTE-1500 "Hawk", his first spaceship
Standard Republican transport in transit, usually supported by 3 scout ships

After he graduated in 816, Emil started looking for a job. But a young man from his origin wasn't able find something acceptable what pays the bills. He got the feeling that something is wrong in Rheinland anyway, but than Republican Shipping offered a trainee program for young people. They were looking for scout pilots to lead and protect their convoys. That was the only chance to scratch along in the future, so he joined the program to become a spaceship pilots and leave his poor life. The intensive training made him a capable scout pilot, but the real life made this young man even more questioning the way the people live and himself more rebellious day by day. He worked only a few month for Republican Shipping when he realized that all the trouble isn't worth it. He felt more oppressed than ever and was thinking about to change his life.

Chapter III - The Insurrection

Surface of planet New Berlin, the opportunity to change his life.

In 818 A.S., Emil got enough of the corrupt Rheinland Government, his company and his life. Everything is controlled by the large companies and the so called "defense" industry, they make all Rheinland people suffering for their very own benefits. Ironically in the name of our Vaterland. At Planet New Berlin he took the opportunity he eagerly awaited to change his life. He decided to sacrifice his young life for a bigger cause, for the suffering Rheinland people. He overwhelmed the transport crew he actually should protect and stole ship and cargo, left for Vogtland Base and applied successfully for the Red Hessian Army. He was going to start an exciting career at the [RHA].

Chapter IV - The Red Hessian Army

At Vogtland Base he disposed his ship and goods to afford a RH-GM40 Odin Fighter. Emil was energetic to serve the Volksrevolution and learn the art of war from his new comrades. He felt comfortable among the Red Hessian Army what alleviated him to concentrate on his service. The consequence of the concentrated work was his promotion to rank of Flieger at 19th February of 818 A.S. Now he was allowed to fly the RH-GM82, he was aiming for. Only a few weeks later he harvested the fruits of his labor and got promoted to Gefreiter on the 11th of March 818 A.S.


RH-GM40 Odin
Red Hessian VH Fighter
RH-GM82 Thor
Red Hessian Bomber

Kill Marks

for VIP's:

Rh elite.png
90-ARKM-N45 "Wraith"
Pi vheavy fighter.png
M10 "Titan"