Planet Hamburg

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Planet Hamburg
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Owner Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland Police
Location 4F, Hamburg
Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Technical information
Population 1,300,000,000
Docking Yes
Terrain Arctic/Terrestrial
Diameter 13,552 km
Mass 6.00 x 10e24 kg
Temperature -62°C to 8°C
Escape velocity 11.99 km/sec

While slightly more pleasant than New Berlin, with temperatures rising as high as 8°C at the equator, Hamburg is still a planet of forbidding grey skies, frosty summers and bitterly cold winters. Despite similar weather conditions to that of Planet New Berlin, the axial inclination of Hamburg is such that a day lasts roughly 26 hours, and the seasons are roughly similar to those on old Earth. The famous Rheinland explorer Joachim Schiller discovered the Hamburg system in 87 A.S. and settlers arrived two years later to colonise Planet Hamburg and claim the system for Rheinland. Several corporations including Kruger Minerals and Republican Shipping also quickly set up bases, keen to exploit the resources of the newly discovered system.

The planet suffered severely in the aftermath of the Eighty Years War, with over 30% of the entire system's population unemployed by 680 A.S. . It has slowly recovered since then, especially during the reign of Kanzler Rheinhardt, and the planetary population has settled at around a comfortable 1.3 billion people, most of which are still employed by Republican Shipping and the burgeoning tourist industry, particularly in winter sports such as grav skiing and ice fighting.

Hamburg prospered over the centuries, becoming a cosmopolitan planet with an extensive infrastructure largely owned by Republican Shipping. Up until 798 A.S., the planet was known as a major trading hub for traffic to and from Liberty. When Rheinland closed its borders nearly all trade on the planet ceased, causing Republican to lose millions per day.

The Hamburg economy is still fragile, but is slowly restructuring itself into one based on industry and export. Several hightech nano-industries have been drawn to the planet as a result of Republican corporate incentives. A sizeable portion of the planetside industries also supply the Alster Shipyard. Despite this, unemployment and poverty remain serious problems on Hamburg, and form a breeding ground for radical groups such as the Unioners and Bundschuh.

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Base Construction Platform
Repair Ship
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Rheinland Mining Ship