Eriksson Ravenov

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Eriksson Ravenov
Origin Flag-rheinland.png Federal Republic of Rheinland
Occupation Order Overwatch Member
Affiliation The Order
Rank Admiral
Born 12th of November 776 A.S, Planet New Berlin
Died Still Active

General Information

Eriksson Ravenov was born on planet New Berlin on the 12th of November 776 A.S. He showed great interests and knowledge for space ships during his childhood. After high school he went to Ferdinand Zeppelin Space & Flight College. During his 3rd year his mother and father, Jane Karlsson and Alex Ravenov we're killed in a pirate attack on their research convoy, or so he was told. He immediately dropped college and joined the Rheinland Military as an assistant ship developer. During his 2 year service he sky rocketed through the ranks and quickly became the leading engineer for the Wraith. In 800 A.S he fled from Rheinland, with his wife Shayna, when his infected superiors infected one of his colleagues and asked him to install experimental Nomad hybrid technology on the Wraith. He took the Wraith and fled to the Omega-49 system where he met a Rheinland artifact smuggler by the name of Manfred von Richthofen. He arranged him a contact with the Order on planet Gran Canaria and shortly after Rand Seith (then still Ensign) brought him to Toledo and put him into service under Admiral Sius Malacos.

The 1st Battle of Omicron Minor

During the first Battle of Omicron Minor he was under the wing of Herr Von Claussen. The bombardment of Toledo took a heavy toll on his soul as his wife was killed. In Omicron Major he took down several Nomad vessels before his engines got shot. Before the Nomads could finish him of though, Edison Trent opened the Dam'Kvosh Hypergate and thus saved his life. After he had returned to Toledo and received the news of his wife's demise and vowed to end the war with the Nomads this way or another.


Even though Eriksson Ravenov isn't the best of fighter pilot he is well respected in the Order and beyond. He received several commendations and awards for his diplomatic skills. One of his more notable achievements was resolving a battle in Omicron Minor between the Bounty Hunter Guild and the Order with the use of words. Not a single shot was fired that day between the two parties. He was called upon many admirals and high ranking officials in the Order to lead diplomatic mission and never did he fail.


During his service Eriksson Ravenov met many notable people in many factions. Some of them are as follows:

He tends to keep these relations as best as possible, which helped him on many occasions. He is famed for organizing feasts in which he usually invites the respective factions he has good relations with.


Eriksson Ravenov is famed for being the only Order pilot to fly a Rheinland Military Wraith. Even though it is 20 years old, it still serves it's purpose in the Order. After the retirement of Commodore Kell tainer, he received the famed Resheph Neith-II which he uses as a diplomatic vessel.

Noteable Files