Glendale Supply Depot

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Glendale Supply Depot
Loch class Station
Glendale Supply Depot.png
GaiansLogo.png Gaians
C6, Edinburgh
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Basic
Crew 75

Glendale was constructed by the Gaians in 818 A.S., as they predicted that Edinburgh would be the next system seized by the Gallic Royal Navy, with Islay sitting roughly along the route between Orkney and Leeds. As such, an alternate base of operations in the system was needed.

Built with haste and in orbit of the otherwise useless Planet Glenn, this installation has played an important role in reducing the amount of traffic to and from Islay. However, Glendale is regarded as a money sink due to its low production capabilities, and may not be maintained after war has left the region.

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