Golden Dragon Casino

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Golden Dragon Casino
Shukensha class Liner
Golden Dragon Casino.jpg
HogoshaLogo.png Hogosha
5E, Shikoku
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Crew 1,210

The Golden Dragon Casino is a massive luxuary liner operated by the Hogosha through several legal shell companies. For the most part, it is exactly what it claims to be - a luxurious casino which caters to those who can afford its many services. Samura holds contracts for the supply of the station. The Kusari Police and Naval Forces rarely patrol the area where the Golden Dragon has moved to. This allows the Golden Dragon to also serve as a transfer point for illicit cargo, mainly Alien Artifacts, which are rumored to be readily available to those who have the credits.

The Golden Dragon is mainly frequented by wealthy visitors from both Kusari and Liberty. The Hogosha escort guests to and from Deshima to ensure they arrive safely. The Blood Dragons have on occasion made attacks against these convoys, but rarely against the liner itself.

Missions Offered

Bribes Offered