Hektor Schneider

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Hektor Schneider
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Origin Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Occupation Operative of Das Wilde
Affiliation Nomads
Military Service Rheinland Military: 796 - 801
Rank Leutnant (listed KIA)
Born 778 A.S., Planet Stuttgart
Died Listed as KIA - 801 A.S.

Hektor Schneider was born into a family with a military tradition tracing back as far as records can be found. Like all other men in his family, he joined the Rheinland Military at age 18, displaying a particular skill with fighter craft that set him above his peers. Rapidly advancing through the ranks, he was eventually selected to be given a Nomad Incubus and sent on special operations in the name of the Nomads and their puppets in Rheinland during the Nomad War. Participating in several major battles during the war, Hektor saw firsthand some of the more horrible things humanity was capable of when fueled by hatred and patriotism. By the Battle of Omicron Major, Hektor was a willing servant of the Nomads, viewing them as more "humane" than humanity itself in a twisted sense of the word. Broken by his experiences, and labeled a monster at best and a traitor to his people at worst, Hektor joined the Nomads fully and adds his thoughts to their own. He now works with Das Wilde on the development of Scorpion gunboat drones as well as planning many of their long-term operations, including the recovery of the artifact known as "The Sword in the Stone". He is keeping tabs on several prominent figures in Bretonia, most notably Austin Goodman, though his purpose in doing so is as of yet unknown.


  • Wraith Rheinland Military VHF
  • Bergelmir Rheinland Military Bomber
  • Scorpion Experimental Gunboat Drone - Though he does not pilot it, Hektor is responsible for the maintenance and development of the operating protocol designated Vorzeichen.

Notable Appearances

  • One With The Wilderness - The story of Hektor's life
  • The events in Cambridge during the quest for the Sword in the Stone
  • Hektor is normally found in the Omegas or Rheinland causing havoc or doing reconnaissance. He has a particular tendency to probe the minds of others, with both words and more directly with his symbiote.