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Ship Class Battleship
Built by Unknown
Captain Pierre LePew
Technical information
Guns/Turrets 0 / 14
Class 10 Turrets
Class 9 Turrets
Class 8 Turrets
Hull strength 700,000
Cargo space 1,400 units
Nanobots/Batteries 1500/1500
Max. impulse speed 90 m/s
Max. thrust speed Thruster not available
Power output 7,000,000 u
Power recharge 220000
This is a player owned ship.


Without knowing it's past, the Hellbound is almost a fresh ship, though the parts are old.

Current Status

Crew Total: 200

Captian: Pierre LePew

The crew is made up of the remains of the Mors Vache and other recruited mercenaries, security officers, or general men and women that Pierre met while on tour with the Reavers. Pierre's core crew still remains to be the Gauls who flew with him originally, and that core is dedicated and loyal to their captian.


The Hellbound was a death platform before it fell in the hands of Pierre LePew. Now, it acts as a mobile operations ship and heavy support.

Pierre LePew

Pierre LePew grew up on a large plantation. While still young he took a liking to parades and carnivals, to atmospheres of fun and entertainment. The thrill of rides and the countless displays in shop windows or acts made Pierre burst with joy. He took enjoyment to the local paint jockeys, or as most people called them, clowns. They didn't act as compelte wackos, but instead preformed deadly tricks and wow'd the crowd. His favourite act was the fire whisperers. They threw fire with their hands, whipping it around in the air like a lasso and making shapes of animals or faces. Wanting to recreate this, Pierre began to experiment with fire.

Unexpectedly, the farms where Pierre grew up burned down, traumatizing the young boy for many years. He spoke to no one and stared distantly. After many failed therapy sessions for years, Pierre showed sudden interest in life again. He still refused to talk, but showed interest in odd objects, mostly gritty metallic decorations or working on a nearby farm. When he came of age to be an adult, he signed up for the Royal Navy.

From there, he earned a title. Rising in ranks, he became Pierre "Bastard" LePew due to a childish rumor going around about his family and the fact that he didn't like people around him slacking off. eventually became the pilot of a Perilous, then later on an Obstinate.

His odd nature put a lot of people off, but he excelled at his job. He was constantly on the front lines, winning battle after battle. When the Reavers contacted Navy command about support, they were glad to assign LePew to the task.

LePew from then on worked for the Reavers. He used his Obstinate as heavy support to assist the Reavers in hunting in and around Bretonia, always leaving a trail of broken ship parts behind. At a point, Kastille offered Pierre a more permanent spot in the Reavers, which LePew accepted.


Faction Relationship
Lane Hackers
Not mentioned
At War
At War
Colonial Republic
At War
At War
Bounty Hunters Guild
At War
Slomon K'Hara
At War
At War


Bounding towards Hell

Pallida Mortem Omnes - Story of LePew