Jupiter Guild

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This is an unofficial player group. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Zoners.
Jupiter Guild
Date of founding unknown
Founder(s) unknown
Base of operations unknown

The Jupiter Guild is a Zoner affiliated group of mercenaries and traders who have chosen to stay independent from every other cooperation and mercenary outfit. Over the years it has grown to become a large and powerful player on the mercenary market and in the transport sector.


The Jupiter Guild was created by a group of ex officers of the Liberty Navy prior to the nomad war. They started a small time mercenary outfit that operated in Kusari and the Border Worlds. With second hand ships and small time jobs they grew slowly, but ever so steadily.

The real growth came when the Wildcards Mercenary outfit joined the Jupiter Guild. The numbers almost doubled and they grew more rapidly, getting an increasing number of high paying jobs. The Free Trade Federation, a small time escorting outfit subsidized by Interspace Commerce, joined the group and as such they had access to high paying escort jobs.

This growth did not go un-noticed to some independent traders and as such an arrangement was quickly made for them to use the tag as long as they supported the Guild financially.

Shortly before the war between Bretonia and the Kusari house erupted the Guild moved its headquarters from Roppongi base in Tokyo orbit to Planet Gran Canaria in Omega-49. This strategic move ensured the neutrality and the security of Guild operations throughout Sirius.

Soon after, the Guild was contacted by the Zoner Council to assist them in the defence of Freeport 11 against nomad assaults. Being successful in this operation, they signed a long term contract to assist in the defence of all Zoner bases throughout Sirius against any hostile actions from anyone, anything and or faction/group.

The terms of this contract were: Assist any and all Zoner ID'ed vessel in distress Protect and serve all Zoner bases that come under attack and or have a high possibility of attack. Police the no hostilities zone around Zoner bases in times of conflicts to ensure the neutrality of the Zoners.

In return the Guild received: Full operating and basing right on all Zoner bases throughout Sirius as well as the right to call the Guild a true Zoner guild.


The members of the Jupiter Guild come from all walks of life and all kinds of backgrounds. Still many Ex-Navy members join the ranks from all 4 major houses. As the Headquarters on Planet Gran Canaria a lot of Ex-Zoner patrol pilots have joined the ranks in search for action but the Guild also has a small minority of operatives straight from the Border Worlds.

Since newer recruits come from all over Sirius, some prefer to keep their IFF transponders as reminders of previous occupations. Though some members keep them, it is preferred that a Zoner transponder be installed. Due to this, many pilots have been spotted with Interspace tags for instance. The result of such diversity, having many come from seperate houses, is an un-enforced transponder policy; the only requirement being that it is indeed a lawful transponder to avoid confusion and open conflict with authorities. (//Where transponder refers to TAG not ID)

Science Division

The Jupiterguild sponsors a small crack team of scientists, of whom are tasked with designing new technology for the Guild. One of their latest breakthroughs(if not the only) was the Artificial Intelligence module for the heavy support units(gunboats). Currently 3 of these units fly under the Jupiter Guild flag. The Science Division is currently in the process of designing a superior bomber, and is expected to be completed in the near future.






Ranking System

Last Updated: 18/08/2008

There are 4 active ranks within the Jupiter Guild.

Council members

A small, dedicated group of veterans of the Jupiter Guild tasked with the leading and maintaining of the guild.

- Skysurfer

- Pixie

- Shimmer

- Dulaptacus

- Dalilama

Advisory Council

Retired members of the council who are still voting on clan issues.

- Daishi

- Mastery

- Basilisk

Officers of the Guild:

These members have a coordinative role in the field and often a special task such as intelligence analyst or store keeper.

- A-lusion

- Roadrunner

- Phoenix

- Firefly

- Warlord

Members of the Guild:

These are the backbone of the guild and JG's basic rank. All of these members have served for a lengthy period of time with the guild before becoming a member.

- Guardian

- Nightmare

- Pim

- Luna

- Leviathan

- Spliotro

- Reminas

- TheCraft

- Orcus

- Artemis

- Sir_PoPo

Probationary Members of the Guild:

These are the new recruits that have joined the guild recently. They are often under direct supervision of an officer or full member.

- Eristikophiles

- Serenity

- Kapania

- Steinar

- SevereTrinity

- Amphitere

- Solitude

- Intrepid Recluse

Member Timezones

KaztalX93 -8:00 GMT

Luna -5:00 GMT Pixie -5:00 GMT

Kikatsu -4:00 GMT

A-lusion +1:00 GMT Kapania +1:00 GMT Dalilama +1:00 GMT Pim +1:00 GMT Roadrunner +1:00 GMT Warlord +1:00 GMT

BugsBunny +5:30 GMT

Reminas +8:00 GMT TheCraft +8:00 GMT Artemis +8:00 GMT

Guardian +10:00 GMT Orcus + 10:00 GMT Shimmer +10:00 GMT

<To be updated>


The JG fly a variety of ships, most of which are civilian or independently built.

JG's primary fighter is the Raven's Talon.

The Guild currently does not have a primary bomber but it is believed there is a specific model on the drawing table.

The JG's heavy support unit of choice is the Independent Mining Guild Gunboat, but the Guild is believed to be waiting for Lividia shipyard to supply them with the new specialised zoner model.


The Jupiter Guild currently operates 3 Zoner capital ships for heavy defensive purposes and special operations.


A purpose build ship that is currently our flagship, it is a ship of the dreadnought class.

The Volcanos and The Tibertus

These sister ships are both based on Planet Gran Canaria and serve as a last line of defence and response force in case of any emergency in the area.

Elite Tradewing(IC)

The Jupiter Guild has an elite trade wing that has been hired by Interspace Commerce to do some of their logistical work. These traders are handpicked by the wing commander Roadrunner and are known for their speeding tickets and evasion tactics. Escorts generally hate flying with these traders because they are way too fast(no seriously... those guys know speed(// within the limits of course))


More information can be found on the private communications channel used by the Jupiter Guild.