Lusophone Squadron

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Lusophone Squadron
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Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Affiliation Bretonian Armed Forces
Alignment Lawful
Date of founding 819 A.S.
Founder(s) Sr. Alexandre Teixeira
Current leader(s) Sr. Alexandre Teixeira
Base of operations Methyr-Tydfill Mining Station, Poole
Primary role
Honor the Treaty of Windsor (05-12-1386)
Secondary role
Preserve the Lusophone nation
"With Honor, Order and Respect."

Fighter id.jpg History

The União Lusófona was founded by Alexandre Teixeira in 819 AS the same time of the Lusophone Squadron criation. With the intention of uniting all the descendants of Portuguese official language countrys in the Sol System and their culture to protect it. The União Lusófona is currently an organization mostly military having the Lusophone Squadron as their only squad. Currently Union assists the Kingdom of Bretonia protecting the South of his empire against the Corsair. Honoring an old treaty signed at 05.12.1386 with the name of Treaty of Windsor. The União Lusófona considers itself responsible for the treaty and thus concretized in 820 AS an agreement in which it undertakes to assist the Kingdom of Bretonia with his squad.

This is the current and at least officially the single mission of this faction.

With the agreement between the União and the representatives of Queen Carina and without any base to protect the southern of the Empire the Queen authorizes them to use the Methyr-Tydfill Mining Station in Poole as a base of operations. The base was provisionally ceded by the Empire to the Squad due to the lack of use of the same by Planetform due to constant advances of the Corsair.

Fighter id.jpg Support and Supplies

Although not publish what is the source of financial support from the Lusophone Squadron its known that is not the União Lusófona because the economic capabilities of it are scarce.

Many believe that in the beginning the squadron was funded by a large collection of very rare Crown Jewels from the Brazilian and Portuguese Empires that the founder inherited and colected for years.

Currently though not official is credible to say that the Queen of Bretonia and Planetform (for issues related to the protection of its stacion) support their activities.

Fighter id.jpg Character Information

Characters are named as follows:

  • For fighters and bombers:
    • Almirante da Armada: /|\-Alm.Initial.Lastname
    • Capitão: /|\-Cap.Initial.Lastname
    • Tenente: /|\-Ten.Initial.Lastname
    • Sargento: /|\-Sar.Initial.Lastname
    • Cabo: /|\-Cab.Initial.Lastname
  • For transports or capital ships: /|\-LS-Shipname

Characters use a Bretonian Armed Forces IFF and Bretonian Privateer ID.

Fighter id.jpg Operations

Fighter id.jpg Zone of influence

Cambridge, Poole or Omega-3 (Sprague):

When authorized by BPA or BAF official

Edge, Independent or Border Worlds:

In pursuit of enemys of the crown

Fighter id.jpg Equipment


Heavy Fighter
Raven's Talon
Very Heavy Fighter


Fighter id.jpg Diplomacy

Faction Relationship
Bretonia Armed Forces
Bretonia Police
Bretonia Corporations
Red Hessians
At War
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Aliens and Infested Forces
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