Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army

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This is a player faction. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Sirius Coalition For the server rules for this faction, see Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army ID.

Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army
Origin Sirius
Affiliation Coalition
Alignment Quasi-Unlawful
Date of founding unknown
Founder(s) Survivors of the Coalition saboteurs aboard the sleeper ship Hispania
Current leader(s) Field Marshal Junjie Chen
Base of operations Zvezdny Gorodok, Omega-52
Primary role
Bringing down the Alliance-based Houses, uniting the sector under one Socialist Government
Secondary role
Elimination of hostile alien entities from Sirius

The Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army is the modern day arm of the original Coalition of the Sol sector


The Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army, or SCRA for short, were originally formed by the descendants of Coalition spies and saboteurs aboard the Alliance sleepers. It is suspected that they may have been involved in the sabotage of the Hispania. There are also rumors that two Coalition sleeper-ship style vessels arrived in Sirius sometime in the last one hundred years, and their numbers joined together with the saboteurs, to form the force known today as the SCRA.

Today, they have begun to rise as a fledgling nation with a comparatively small but extremely efficient military, under the auspices of the somewhat insane, yet apparently competent, Bretonian ex-pat, Grand Admiral James McIntosh. McIntosh was not the original leader of the SCRA, but several years ago, after an extremely bloody revolution, resulting from the attempts of his superiors to sign a peace treaty with the Alliance, McIntosh took power and begin a campaign of relentless violence on anyone he perceived as an enemy. McIntosh is known to never allow himself into a situation where he could be killed or captured, believing in his megalomania that the only thing keeping the Coalition from faltering is his own will and body. He is also rumored to have been enhanced by the Phantoms and other means beyond normal human levels, and it is believed he will live well into the next century.

Under his terrifying leadership, supported by a core of less insane, more reliable officers and pilots, the SCRA aims to violently bring about a Communist revolution in Sirius. Although their population is small, estimated at being under one million total, the SCRA boasts a 60% involvement in the Military arm, that is, at least 60% of their total population is actively involved in the war effort. The remainder is largely concerned with the manufacture of munitions and ships, as well as common items like food, drinking water, and clothing.

Interestingly, whilst being recorded as being cold and clinically ruthless in many cases, the SCRA are known for not firing upon civilian targets unless fired upon first. This is believed to be an indicator that they do indeed see themselves as saviors of the the people, rather than simple terrorists. However, any who have run afoul of them for whatever reason will know that they neither forgive nor forget, as the SCRA will always avenge themselves, even if it is neither practical nor militarily feasible.

The SCRA are equipped almost entirely with equipment produced in Omega 52. Their snubfighters include the Partisan light fighter, the Revolution bomber, and the Insurgent VHF. Their six-man Gunboat is the Storm Class, and their Destroyer is the Typhoon class Destroyer, they also have in recent times using both home-grown technology and reverse-engineered technologies to produce the Tempest Class Carrier. They were also aided in constructing an Osiris by Order techs in exchange for military aid against the Slomon K'Hara, Bounty Hunters and Liberty forces, whilst another Osiris defected to them from the Corsair Brotherhood.

The SCRA are commonly known as possibly the best snubfighter jocks in the sector, constantly winning battle after battle using strange-looking and stranger-flying whist terribly overwhelmed. Commodore Adrian "Ares" o Jovem, the leader of the SCRA's fighter corps, is a former Corsair, who flies with a mechanical left arm, and something of a bad attitude. The SCRA's fighter corps is divided into Red Squadron and Gold Wing, the elitists and the rest. Competition from Gold Wing to enter the ranks of Red are brutal, and frequently fatal, as the SCRA doesn't believe in using training ammunition for its elite Squadron's entrance exam.

Katz Era

Things began to shift in the Coalition’s upper echelons with the arrival of a new breed of Coalition officers such as Alvin Katz, Ben Warner, Alexi Karchov and Angie Broch. Eager to stamp a new brand of Coalition politics and policy upon Sirius they launched audacious campaigns against the enemy.

Ben Warner’s LRF, renown as a thorn in Liberty’s side. Angie Broch’s dramatic defection from a life of piracy, finding a life and a cause worth fighting for. Each of them taking a hold of the Coalition’s worn battle standard and hoisting it aloft again.

Through the unforgettable events of the Ontario elections, Alvin Katz a former SCRA officer and Commissar was catapulted into the realm of Coalition Politics assuming the leadership of the Coalition’s civilian government and rising to the position of Premier of the Coalition, becoming the third Great Leader of the Coalition when McIntosh’s ill health rendered him incapable of carrying on the cause at least for the time being and thus was placed into stasis until a cure could be found for his ailment in a specially designed facility designed for the sole purpose of containing and preserving the Grand Admiral's body.

Under his dynamic guidance the Coalition rose risen again to a position as a formidable enemy of the former Alliance houses, an economic power-house independent of the corruption that plagues the Sirius Corporations, and a military might that vanquishes its enemies through weight of skill, trumping force of arms each and every time with well thought out tactics and battle tested strategies.

The Revolution draws even closer to a reality.

Warner Era

After a period of turbulence within the ranks of both the State Duma and the Revolutionary Army former Field Marshal Ben Warner ascended to the office of the Premier, his first tasks were to reinforce their decaying ties to allies such as the Red Hessians and Mollys and helping cultivate closer ties with the Temporary Autonomous Zoners, it is rumoured in the Coalition that Premier Warner had a hand in causing the breakdown of the relations between both the TAZ and the Coalition's former ally The Order. However it is unknown if this is merely rumour or the truth.

In recent times he has turned the Coalition to a period of expansion both economically and militarily, having reforged the ties between the Hessians, Mollys and Coalition to form a Triumvirate dedicated to ex-pulsing the Corsair Empire from the Omegas and establishing a firm Triumvirate presence in the Omegas, utilizing it's resources to fuel the war against both Bretonia and Rheinland to facilitate both regime changes to something more sympathetic to the Triumvirate's individual sections. United fleets even now attempt to break through Corsair lines in Omega-49 in order to access the resources of Cayman and prepare to push the Corsairs out of Omega-47 to ensure the Triumvirate's dominance in the region. Warner also re-established a working relationship with The Order after years of disagreement in order to ensure the alien threat is suppressed in the Omegas and beyond while also acquiring a Military Alliance with the Blood Dragons through their newly restored Coalition-Order relations, symbolically the Coalition sent a small force of Marines to the Blood Dragons to aid in their invasion of Planet Tomioka

Furthermore with the establishment of Kamchatka Station in Omega-55 the Coalition's influence in the Omegas has grown significantly, fulfilling a promise made by Premier Warner to expand Coalition interests in the region and ensure their presence in the region.


Faction Relationship
Red Hessians
Blood Dragons
Colonial Republic
The Order
The Council
Daumann Heavy Construction
Kruger Minerals
Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing
Ageira Technologies
Bounty Hunters Guild
Everyone else
House Government enforcers
At War
At War
At War
Aliens and infested forces
At War

Known Bases

Rank Structure

The following is the ranking system used by the Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army.

The High Command

Premier: The Premier is the leader of the Sirius Coalition as a whole. He embodies the ideal that every civilian and worker strives. Holding absolute authority and power and answering only to the people he strives to serve, he is the most powerful man in the Sirius Coalition.

Field Marshal: The Field Marshal is the leader of the SCRA. He is what every member of the Military strives to be and is fiercely loyal to the Sirius Coalition and its ideals. He has proven himself to be one of the most capable officers within its ranks. Answering only to the Premier, the Field Marshal of the SCRA is the second most powerful man in the entire Sirius Coalition.

General: The Generals of the SCRA are the veterans, the old guard. They safeguard the ideals of the SCRA from corruption by outside forces. They seek to enact the glorious revolution throughout the houses through any means at their disposal.

Colonel: To become a Colonel one must display exceptional skill and loyalty even beyond the normal call of duty. They are often renown throughout the SCRA for their skill and leadership ability and are both respected and feared.

The Middle Rung

Major: The Majors of the SCRA are among the most capable and skilled fighters within the SCRA. They hold the ideals of the SCRA close to their hearts and pass down their knowledge to the newer members of the SCRA.

Captain: Captains are trusted enough to be given command of an SCRA Capital Ship. To be assigned such a powerful vessel is a great honor and a great responsibility. The use of capital ships in the field is rare, but the arrival of one signals a change in the tide of battle.

Commander: Those that have reached the rank of Commander have proven themselves to be loyal to the ideals that the SCRA holds itself to. Furthermore, they have proven themselves to have the potential to lead other members of the SCRA into combat in order to achieve the revolution we all crave.

The Lower Rung

Senior Lieutenant: To be a Senior Lieutenant is to have achieved goals that serve to better a cause greater than yourself. You are an example to those that wish to join the SCRA and to those that are striving to gain full membership.

Lieutenant: The rank of Lieutenant is reserved for those who have proved themselves capable of surviving the harshness of the SCRA. To achieve this rank is to of found the inner strength necessary to overcome any obstacle that may be faced both on and off the battlefield. To earn this rank is to earn the respect of your Comrades.

Junior Lieutenant: The Junior Lieutenants of the SCRA are highly motivated, dedicated but often lacking in experience and skill. In order to be promoted and admitted into the SCRA as full members they must prove themselves both in space and in the infamous Trials of JiangXi.

Agents of His Watchful Eye

Commissar: The Commissars of the Sirius Coalition are above the Military hierarchy, acting as enforcers for the Ministry of Truth and instilling loyalty within all citizens. They are often recruited from the ranks of the Revolutionary Army which makes them capable leaders both on and off the battlefield. These agents of His Watchful Eye operate separately from normal Coalition Military Operations, however it is not uncommen for them to be seen fighting alongside their comrades