Mike Havering

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Mike Havering
Mike Havering small.jpg
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Gender Male
Height 1.75m
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Affiliation Bretonia Armed Forces,
Rank Fleet Admiral
Status Alive
Born November 15th, 792 A.S.

Mike Havering Admiral of the Bretonia Armed forces currently trying to hold the Forces of the Gallian Navy out of Bretonia and push them back to where they came from.

Personal History


Born on Planet Leeds near the Bradford Spaceport by Felicia and Edward Havering. Going after his Father Mike went to school and later worked for BMM on the Mining ships. Being reasigned to Tau 31 he wasn't in touch with his family for a long time until the Kusari Naval Force commenced a full out offensive against the Kingdom of Bretonia in 813 A.S, forcing Mike and his comrades to abandon their places and try to return home. After a long journey home Mike got fired immediately by BMM for not staying at work, without a job he left Leeds and got himself an Apartement on New London looking for a new job in the city itself and later for a spaceborn company again. Working for another indipendant Mining company Mike again was at the worst end of the war when Gallia made it's move into Leeds.

Surviving the attack by a hairs tread Mike once again landed on Leeds, again without a job with his employeer floating in Space, he decided to sign up for the Armed Forces and fight back against the ones that wanto take away his home.

Military Career

Mike was promoted to Lieutenant after the construction of King's Cross station in 819 A.S, having displayed competence flying security for the Bowex vessels, engaging Mollys in combat and driving them off.

Mike rose up in the rank quite fast, as he was trying his best giving Gallian Pilots a hard time whenever he could, and also managed to keep a straight face when it came to rather diplomatic situations.

As of right now Mike Havering is Fleet Admiral of the Armed Forces, having Sir Firmus Piet and the Admiralty as his advisors.

Psychological Profile

Mike despises Kusari and Gallia for what they did to him his friends and Bretonia as a whole, using cowardice tactics to win battles. He isn't prone to becoming agitated if not having to talk to a Gallian officer.

He's got a very strong sense of loyalty to his superiors and follows orders nearly to the letter since that has been the way how he was raised by is parents and school.


  • Experienced combat pilot
  • Brute hand-to-hand combatant
  • Logistical expertise
  • Coolheaded

Personal Diplomacy

Faction Relationship People
Sir Firmus Piett
Layla Clay
James Arland
Austin Goodman
Everybody else

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