Milazzo Outpost

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Milazzo Outpost
Garibaldi class Station
Milazzo Outpost.jpg
BhgLogo.png Bounty Hunters Guild
G5, Poole
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 350

Shortly after the construction of their forward outpost in Cologne, the leaders of the Reapers of Sirius made the decision to double down on their efforts to expand. Though already low on funds and supplies, the Reapers were unable to have the interior of the station completed by its scheduled operational date. External armoring and defense systems were finished, but the station was left to a skeleton crew while further building is ongoing inside.

As the call to defend Cayman was sent through the ranks of the Reapers, outlying installations were abandoned in favor of sending forces to aid the defense. Milazzo, already under observation by the Bounty Hunters Guild, was one of the first stations to be evacuated, and was quickly claimed by the BHG. Using Milazzo to strengthen their presence in the region, BHG ships have become significantly more active in their attacks against the Mollys presence within the system.