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The faction divided into smaller clans

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Molly Republic
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Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Alignment Unlawful
Date of founding 752 A.S.
Date of dissolution 817 A.S.
Founder(s) Ex-BMM Employees
Current leader(s) none
Base of operations Arranmore Base, Dublin
Primary role
Establishing an independent Republic
Secondary role
Destruction of the Corsair Empire


Following the Founders Day Revolt in 752 AS, overworked and underpaid workers took control of their own mining stations, executing their overlords, and capturing a pair of mining ships. Rather than attempt to negotiate with the rebels, the BAF arrived in force with capital ships and fighters, smashing one of the mining ships, then Endeavor, and pursuing the Glorious into a dense field, where the pursuers were routed by a series of large mines, set in preparation for the revolt.

The BAF and Bretonian government, incensed at the continuing existence of a revolting band of miners, sent the HMS-Hood, a Dunkirk class battleship, from New London to restore order. This was the last straw for the workers who had, until then, remained loyal. The entire mining population of the system declared their Independence, and began a long guerilla war against the oppressive and brutal government. The Hood was disabled by a huge mine, setting off a chain-reaction in the ship's aft. The engines and main reactors were completely trashed, and it was concluded that repairs could not be conducted in such a hostile environment. The BAF stripped and abandoned the ship, and the independent Miners Guild took it over shortly after, establishing the only Freeport within House space.

Since the revolt, the Mollies have grown into a fierce group of terrorists and pirates, using attacks on commercial shipping and mining operations, civilian establishments, and BAF bases and convoys in their fight to gain independence. The Londonderry System is considered a No-Fly zone for all BAF ships, and the Molly Asteroid Field, and Dublin in general, have become increasingly dangerous for the BAF and corsairs alike.

After the vicious Thermonuclear bombing of Planet Cork in 802 AS, the Corsairs have become a prime target for all Molly pilots and ships. Standing Orders stated that any corsair ships encountered, regardless of type, is to be destroyed immediately, no quarter will be given or expected.

In 816 AS the ruling Molly faction - Union of Gold - signed the 'Treaty of Dublin' with Queen Carina, agreeing on terms to become a Bretonian protectorate. However, a few weeks later a Molly traditionalist uprising declared the treaty null and void and resumed their operations with the purpose of establishing an independent Republic without any relation to the Bretonian empire.

The Molly's traditionalist uprising gained power and the numbers involved swelled. The Molly Republic Militia took control of the forgotten Molly bases in Newcastle while the now-thought-to-be corrupt Union of Gold forces kept control of bases in Dublin and Londonderry. Over the later months the two sides fought with no progression on either side and with appalling numbers of casualties on both sides.

After several months of fighting the UOG High Command vanished with no indication to their whereabouts. The UoG officers were left leaderless and with a practical stalemate. They were to be further bemused and shocked when evidence surfaced that one of their now gone leaders had been in contact with the Bretonian Secret Service. With this severely damaging the image and reputation of the UoG, they soon found they were losing the civil war. With that in mind the UoG and the Molly Republic Militia sat down and had a long meeting about further relations. Coming to the conclusion of rebelling against the Queen and to terminate the treaty. With this decision, the UoG was absorbed into the MRM. A new day had dawn for the Mollys and finally the horrible civil war that had ravaged them for almost an entire year was over. Thus the Molly Republic was born from the ashes of war, a phoenix that could only soar upwards.

The Molly Republic grew rapidly in the past few decades. From their humble origins in Dublin they expanded throughout the system and into their new home of Londonderry. Huge fields of resources, or gold, were found in Londonderry and as such it was also heavily developed. With multiple refineries at their disposal and these massive supplies of resources, the Mollys entered a new age of expansion.

It was not to be one that would last however. As with many groups throughout History, the Molly Republic was led by a democratic council. However, as with other groups in history, there was one person in particular who the Republic looked to for leadership and guidance, Colin Breen. While the Council went through periods of inefficiency, Breen was always a steadfast figure that never wavered from the goal of independence. This was attractive to a group of people who were in a constant state of warfare where indecisive leadership would cost a price higher than they could afford to pay. As such a cult of personality grew, if slowly, around Breen. He was soon seen as the one leader they needed, the one man to lead them through battles of fire and words, the one man who could one day secure their dream of an independent state. This was to be the un-doing of the Republic.

Colin Breen, on a simple routine patrol, simply disappeared. No trace of where he went or what happened to him remained, he was simply gone.

The Republic, crippled already by a selfish and incompetent council, fell to chaos. Their glorious leader was gone, leaving a massive vacuum of power and no one to lead their forces against their oppressive enemies. With more and more Corsairs pouring into Dublin, it was simply a matter of time before the Republic shattered.

3 groups rose up from the chaos, 3 clans that each claimed their own independent property. Molly Separatists, La Tene and Clan Feegle. Previously all subjects of the Molly Republic, these groups were now their own lords.

These secessions announced the end for the Republic. The core stations of Arranmore, Lisburn and Belfast all had announced their independence and denounced the Republic for what it was.

These groups are those that are seen today in Bretonia and have since formed the Molly Council, a small council made up of the leaders of each of the clans to help decide on matters collectively and keep Molly influence in Bretonia intact.

The Molly Republic, however, was no more.

And yet, the day came when loyal republican Eichann Rush voiced his opinion on bringing back the dream of a Free Dublin, gathered up the like-minded, and formed the Old Guard of the Republic. And so it is being raised like a phoenix from the ashes once again, fueled by strong will and determination to free Dublin once and for all, by any means neccessary.

Zone of Influence

  • Bretonia
    • Newcastle
    • Londonderry
    • Dublin
    • Cambridge
    • Dundee
    • Edinburgh
    • Leeds
  • Omega systems

The Molly Republic once had considerable influence over much of Bretonia's 'wild' space. Although it was primarily interested in securing independence for Dublin, piracy was a necessity for procuring hard to get supplies, hence the wide range of systems they were involved in. Multiple bases were established throughout Bretonia in Leeds, Newcastle, Dundee and New London.

Ships used

The Molly Republic had a large supply of resources available, allowing them to develop better vessels and increase the number of heavier or more expensive fighters and bombers. The Scylla Destroyer was commissioned after a joint design venture with the Liberty Rogues. While they did have plenty of resources to use and even more untapped, waiting to be exploited, they could not afford to simply throw the vessels away. As such the Scylla class vessels were restricted to Consul's use only.


To quote a well known Molly: "We have our own weapons line and it has served us fine for generations. We do not need fancy guns to win freedom, only strong will and quick wit! For lack of better suited weapons, feel free to use the Supernova, Mini razor and VIII armor plating, same goes for Transport and gunboat and transport turrets, missile launchers, mines and shields."

The Republic's vessels used much of it's own equipment throughout it's history, usually for the sake of maintainance.


The Molly Republic did not have many ranks, two infact. This was simply due to the nature of the Republic's armed forces. Knowledge, wisdom and skill took priority over simple ranks and those that have come before were given due respect. If there was ever a time when a single name must be chosen from amongst the Mollys, with no Consul available, the Molly with the most experience and respect was chosen. Often, the various Consuls had varying views on certain subjects and so a uniform decision will be decided upon after debate. Individuality was key to the Molly Republic however and each Consul was uniquely suited to their role. It was soon found however that many of the Consuls were incompetent or lazy and as such, Breen's voice was the one that was always heard the strongest.


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