Montezuma Base

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Montezuma Base
Ramshackle class Asteroid Base
Montezuma Base.jpg
RoguesLogo.png Liberty Rogues
6E, Cortez
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Limited
Crew 410

Completed in 684 A.S., Montezuma has been the main base from where the Liberty Rogues raid civilian traffic in both the Magellan and Cortez systems. Trade between Liberty and Bretonia has always been heavy, so the Rogues have no shortage of targets to ply their brutal trade. The base isn't as well concealed as most other Rogue bases, and some of the Rogues suspect that both Liberty and Bretonia are aware of the base's location, but so far, neither nation has made an aggressive move towards the Corcovado Ice Field. The base is also frequented by Outcasts, Lane Hackers and Junkers seeking to buy and sell Cardamine, supplies or information.

As the Gallic incursion pushes into Cortez, Montezuma has attempted to remain unnoticed and has significantly reduced its patrols of the system in a bid to remain hidden. With security on high alert, all rogue ships in Cortez have been instructed to flee into Bretonia or Liberty instead of risk giving away Montezuma, Inverness or Coronado installations. The notable reduction in activity in Cortez has lead to a surge of rogue activity within the neighbouring systems.

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Light Fighter
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Super Heavy Fighter
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