Nansei Research Complex

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Nansei Research Complex
Amaterasu class Station
Nansei Research Complex.jpg
Flag-kusari.png Kempeitai
C4, Kyushu
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Crew 650

In 400 A.S. the Kusari Government began offering incentives to attract new businesses and existing corporations to establish themselves within the Kyushu system. Taking advantage of the offer Samura Industries began work on the Nansei Research Complex, fast tracking the construction to be finished later the same year. Designed primarily to study antimatter and antimatter based weaponry, the facility utilises vast solar arrays to provide consistent power to its electromagnetic containment fields which isolates the several kilograms of stored antimatter.

The facility is often a favourite target of attacks by the Blood Dragons, leading to the Battleship Nagumo being stationed nearby to oversee both the defence of the Tau-29 Jump Gate and of Nansei itself. Should the Blood Dragons ever succeed in compromising any of the storage cells, the annihilating antimatter would result in an explosion in excess of 100 megatons of force wiping out the facility and anyone unfortunate enough to be caught within the blast.

The base has, on occasion, been the venue for a number of secret research projects by the Kusari Naval Forces using the collective expertise on antimatter for military purposes. While no products of the research have been directly linked to Nansei, its importance and location has been deemed strategic to the Imperial Kusari Navy as well as the Kempeitai, who defected to the Imperial forces. Forgoing a direct assault on the facility that would most likely compromise the research materials, the imperial command employed a strategy of isolation and attrition against the garrison with the aim of weakening the defenders enough to succumb to a later boarding action.

The plan backfired as the KNF became aware of the passive stance adopted by the imperials and devised a breakthrough operation allowing them to take the valuable research data and abandon the increasingly untenable location. Once the data was copied to their ships and the base databanks erased, the KNF forces departed in a fast convoy, leaving behind a barren facility and its remaining Samura staff. By coordinating with units from the Nagumo, they were just able to break through the encirclement of the IKN, escaping into New Tokyo with minimal losses.

As advances elsewhere put the station out of reach of the Republic, plus with there being no KNF garrison left to defend it, the Imperial Kusari Navy and Kempeitai moved in. Although disappointed by the missed chance to attain any Naval Forces secrets, the Kempeitai have assumed control of Nansei. Operatives stationed here are currently attempting to retrieve any fragments of the previous research, including interviews of civilians that were left behind, whilst continuing development of new weaponry for the Imperial cause

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