New London Gate Construction Site

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New London Gate Construction Site
Cassien-Bernars class Station
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AgeiraLogo.png Ageira Technologies
3D, Leeds
Technical Data
Docking bays CLASSIFIED

Sponsored by the Gallic crown and given a priority over other projects, Solar Engineering which was later divided between EFL and Ile-de-France Shipping, researchers attempted to disassemble and reverse engineer what remained of the ruined Sirian FTL network as soon as the first captures of such tech were made in Tau, but made little progress understanding the activation mechanisms without destabilizing the links.

With the capture of Leeds System and the Bretonians scuttling the gates to New London and Newcastle in 818 AS, EFL had numerous opportunities to tinker with existing systems. With their expertise in the physics of jump gates combined with a mandate and nearly unlimited budget direct from the Crown, EFL researchers and mathematicians spent five years calculating the exact wormhole physics to interrupt and override the existing link between Newcastle and New London, which they finally achieved in 825 AS. On the London site, now knowing which parts of the Ageira mechanisms to activate, EFL directed GRN demolitionists to carefully destroy Ageira's control mechanisms and install their own.

When the New London blitz failed and the final battle over the Bretonian capital concluded, the Royal Navy's rear echelon forces in Leeds locked down the jump gate. Within a week, a Gallic destroyer, the RNS Bellegarde, defected and supplied Bretonia with the gate codes. By the time the Allied Forces arrived in the system however, Planet Leeds had been glassed, and a trap had been laid at the New London gate site.

Gallia had no time to scuttle the site, which the Bretonian military occupied in order to secure the area. This led to considerable tensions between FTL giant Ageira, the Liberty government, and Bretonia, out of the fear that the Bretonians may successfully use knowledge gleaned from the site to achieve FTL travel of their own. A resolution was eventually reached when the Bretonian government ceded the gate site to Ageira, who concluded that whatever information Bretonia could have recovered from the game site would be minimal, and limited to the redirection of existing jump tunneling. The final, extensive Ageira report stated definitely that there is no way Bretonian scientists could have successfully reproduced FTL technology from their time spent studying the New London gate.

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